Which roads are closed on Sunday in Athens due to the Half Marathon

Which roads are closed on Sunday in Athens due to the Half Marathon
Which roads are closed on Sunday in Athens due to the Half Marathon

Attica: Which roads will be closed on Sunday, September 25 due to the 7th Half Marathon road race, “In the Footsteps of the Holy Road”.

Traffic arrangements will be made on Sunday (25/9) in Attica due to the holding of the 7th Half Marathon road race under the brand “On the Traces of the Holy Road”.

Specifically, there will be a gradual stoppage of vehicle traffic from 07:30 to 12:00 on the following streets and boulevards in the Municipality of Athens, Chaidari, Aspropyrgos and Elefsina, as follows:

  • In the Emergency Lane (LEA) and on the shoulder of the New Athens-Corinth National Road, in its section from the intersection of Athens & Mystra Streets to the intersection of Dilystirios (15,600 km/h), in the traffic flow towards Corinth.
  • In a 1.5m wide section at the right end of the roadway of the New Athens-Corinthian National Road, in the section from Diilisterii intersection (15,600 km/h) to the Sacred Way of Eleusis (20,000 km/h), in the traffic flow towards Corinth.
  • Piraeus, in the part of it between Heraklides and Thermopylae streets and in both (2) traffic streams, as well as in the vertical ones up to the first parallel street.
  • Iera Odos, along its entire length, in the flow of traffic towards Kifisos Street and on its diagonals up to the first parallel street.

The Traffic Authority of Attica appeals to the drivers of the vehicles, for their better service and to prevent additional traffic problems, to avoid driving on the above roads and to follow the instructions of the traffic wardens.

7o Half Marathon – Race Information

The entry limit for the half marathon is set at 1,150 participations.
Participation fee: Free.

The route of 7u Half marathon

From Kerameikos following the Sacred Way, after passing through Aegaleo, Chaidari, Dafni, the Sacred Way merges at approximately the 8th kilometer of the route with the New National Highway of Athens Corinth and after entering Elefsina, it ends at the Heroes’ Square of Elefsina, next to in the Archaeological site.

The distance has been certified by AIMS and there will be official and certified timing of the race.

The maximum duration of the race is determined three hours after the start (at 08.30). After this time limit, participants who have not finished must board the Collection Bus or else continue the race at their own risk. Indicative crossing time for the Runners at the height of the Aspropyrgos Refineries at 13.5 km, to finish within the time limit, is two hours. The end of the race will be on Nikolaidou Street and near the Heroes’ Square of Elefsina next to the archaeological site.

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