Erdogan’s obsession with Greece is aggressive

“We will not allow Erdogan to cross our red lines,” the prime minister said K. Mitsotakis from the UN platform and developed the revisionist agenda of the Turkish president.

Without, however, moving away from his fixed position on the need to restart the dialogue between the two countries, Mr. Mitsotakis addressed for the first time the Turkish people, who have been “inoculated” by Turkish officials and the media with poison against of Greece. “We are not enemies, we are neighbors”, said the prime minister and added that the Greek and Turkish people have a history of peaceful coexistence. He also recalled that eight years after the tragic events of 1922, the leaders of the two countries had the courage to sign an agreement of peaceful coexistence.

The prime minister, after making a long reference to the Russian attack on Ukraine, noted that it is not the only country under attack, as the Cypriots, for fifty years, have been living under a regime of illegal invasion. As he said, Turkey continues to persist with unacceptable requests for a two-state solution. “Greece strongly supports the efforts of G.G. of the UN for a commonly accepted solution and rebuilding of trust. The international community should not forget that Turkey continues its violations of the maritime zone of Cyprus”, he said.

Erdogan’s obsession with Greece is aggressive

Analyzing Mr. Erdogan’s revision agenda, Mr. Mitsotakis recalled that from this step he has said again that he is always open to dialogue and resolving disputes in an open manner consistent with international law. “Turkey is an important country that can be a partner of Greece and the EU. if he so chooses. It has the potential to play a constructive role. At the same time, it continues to play a destabilizing role in the Eastern Mediterranean. It is the only NATO country that has not imposed sanctions on Russia,” said the prime minister and added:

“He has a strange obsession with my country. The language is becoming more and more warmongering. They say they will come at night. This is the language of an aggressor, not a peacemaker. He is developing a narrative with false facts about the Aegean, threatening Greece with a casus belli if we choose to exercise our right to expand our territorial waters.”

The Prime Minister recalled that last year the Turkish President questioned the sovereignty of our large islands, such as Crete, Rhodes and spoke of the increasing intensity of the threat which is characterized by an aggressive policy, violation of Greece’s sovereignty and its rights in the sea and in the air and her refusal to engage in dialogue.

“Turkey’s demands are baseless and absurd. Questioning our national sovereignty is a red line that we will not allow him to cross,” noted Mr. Mitsotakis.

Finally, he accused Ankara of instrumentalizing migration flows since March 2020, and added that Greece will continue to protect its borders. “Our Coast Guard will continue to save lives. Only yesterday we saved 130 people including children. The boats that transport the desperate people, leave the shores of Turkey in the light of day,” he said, without, however, presenting facts and figures, as all the previous days government officials hinted.

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