An “indifferent” governor walks among us…

Written by Panagiotis Tsartsianidis

Forms tragic…

The political life of our country, a laboratory for the historian of the future…

When submission becomes a way of life and the political background has superficial roots, then the ruling class finds the great opportunity!

It’s time to create the manager models you need.

The regional governor of North Macedonia, Giorgos Kasapidis, is such a case.

Unable to stand up to his “political superiors”, he has no choice but to completely surrender to the whims of the central government.

He no longer has any ability or inclination to cooperate with the local community and its problems. For the only thing he is obliged to work at this time, is the absolute service of the wild goals of the Mitsotakis government.

Therefore, he cannot have as his priority the huge issues of the farmers of our region, who, at the moment we speak, are experiencing a real massacre!

Their apples are sold at humiliating prices, with the threat of survival literally showing its teeth.

And yet not a word, not a movement, even for the guys.

This is a regional authority part of the problem. To be clear, the same responsibilities fall on the whole faction and the officials the governor has chosen to stand by him. Same responsibility to all those who exercise management, to all those who even now justify his choices and priorities, to all those who are photographed smiling and figure in the subservient channels of shame…

It is never too late for our people, I wish with all my heart that the beleaguered small farmer of our district will understand what his interests are. Take action against his class rivals the chameleons and their minions!

Opinion article by Panagiotis Tsartsianides of Christos and Maria from Mesovouno Eordaia for &

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