Delizisis: “I’m proud to play with one eye”

Delizisis: “I’m proud to play with one eye”
Delizisis: “I’m proud to play with one eye”

The central defender of Niki Volou, Giorgos Delizisis and a former football player of AEL, speaking to the “FOS” newspaper about the new year that will find him in Niki Volou, said that the “blue and white” can be promoted, while he pointed out that he feels proud that he can and plays soccer with one eye.

Giorgos Delizisis in detail

What’s your dream;

“I’ve made it, I’ve been doing what I’ve loved since I was a little kid, despite the serious accident I had with my eye when I was a baby. I played at a high level despite many difficulties, I became the captain of Aris for so many years, I am proud of that.”

I have read about your eye but I am confused, I read that you wear a lens. You see;

“No, that eye does not see. Doctors had told me since I was a child that it was irreversible. I wear the lens so that it looks a little like the other one.”

So you only see with one eye?

“Yes, and I don’t know if in the world there was another footballer with such a problem who had a career and became the captain of a big team of his country. I succeeded, I overcame obstacles, I was forced to develop my peripheral vision as a child and if they find themselves saying that they helped me, I will tell you that no one helped me, only my family and Pavlos Myroforidis. In any team I played for, I gave everything and their fans were happy with me.”

How did you go at Niki Volos?

“We have a very good relationship with coach Mr. Bosniadis from the past. I respect him both as a person and as a coach. We had a conversation in May, but I didn’t expect that Burgos would tell me to leave, I thought I would end my career at Aris. Mr. Karipidis did not want to go against Bourgos. In the end I received a phone call from Mr. Bosniadis who told me the plan of Niki Volos, that there is a management with a vision to go up to the Super League, good facilities, the approach was very good. I had been a player of this team in the 2011-12 season and I knew the ins and outs, we had achieved promotion then as well. The main reason I came now was the coach Mr. Bosniadis. I told him the following: “If we are to go up, I am coming. I don’t come to a team without goals.”

Will you go up?

“We have all the foundations. We can do it. There are many good players, there is a good coach, there are people.”

Do you learn the chaos of other teams in the division?

“I am not falling from the clouds with what is happening. Nothing has changed for the better, every year it gets worse. You don’t know when the championship starts in the second division of the country, you don’t know what to do in preparation and when to get in shape. It’s a big problem for coaches and players. The state must pay attention to this category, it is the anteroom of the Super League, it is the way out for Greek footballers. Don’t they see what happens to the teams that filled foreigners? Are they not at all interested in Greek football? Children who want to take the next step, how will they do it without supplies?”


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