Region of Peloponnese: Redevelopment of roads in Meligalas

Region of Peloponnese: Redevelopment of roads in Meligalas
Region of Peloponnese: Redevelopment of roads in Meligalas

The Economic Committee of the Peloponnese Region took decisions on a series of important issues the day before yesterday.

Among other things, the Committee approved the holding of an electronic tender for the road reconstruction project from Meligala Primary School to the junction of the 7th provincial road.

The Commission also approved the holding of an electronic tender for the 300,000-euro project to replace and upgrade the external water supply network in Chanos, from credits of the 5th EAP / Megalopolis Basin, as well as the procedure for the selection of a temporary contractor for the electronic auction of the coastal road protection project in the Atsiganos area at Paralio Astros

The Committee also proceeded to approve the 1st electronic tender process for the supply of synthetic football turf, a 510-seat metal stand and their installation at the Zevgolatiou Corinthia football stadium.

It also approved the conclusion of a program contract between the Region of Peloponnese, the Municipality of Xylokastro – Eurostin and the Regional Development Fund, for the budget of 870,000 euros for the shaping and redevelopment project of the area east and west of the mouth of the Sytha River in Xylokastro

Furthermore, the Financial Committee approved the conditions for the 2nd Invitation of the P.E. of Lakonia for the submission of financial offers within the framework of the Dynamic Procurement System (DSA) for the assignment of transport services for Primary and Secondary Education students for the school year 2022 – 2023, with the criteria for awarding the most economically advantageous offer based on price, total budget up to in the amount of 343,426.66 euros including VAT 13%, as well as options for modification of existing routes up to 20% and extension up to 30%.

Outside of the agenda, in the meantime, the Economic Committee approved the minutes of the competent committee of the electronic tender regarding the selection of a contractor for the bait spraying of olive trees from the ground in the context of the program to combat the olive borer in P.E. Laconia for the years 2022 – 2023 – 2024, budget project of 222,140.59 euros including VAT.

Also approved was the 2nd review of supporting documents of the tender committee for the project of a new school complex of the Municipality of Elafonisos with a budget of 2,700,000 euros.

Finally, among other things, the possibility of extending – for another 12 months – the subsidy program for the employment of long-term unemployed aged 55-67 years in the P.E. Laconia of the Peloponnese Region.

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