Kerameos: The promotion of teachers leads to a higher salary

Kerameos: The promotion of teachers leads to a higher salary
Kerameos: The promotion of teachers leads to a higher salary

What is true about the promotion of teachers that leads to a higher salary – “The more points, which translates into a faster promotion and therefore a higher salary in the end with the promotion”, said N. Kerameos

The promotion of teachers, through the degrees, leads to a higher salary that they will receive from their appointment in hard-to-reach areas, the Minister of Education and Religious Affairs mentioned, Niki Kerameos.

In an interview with megathe Minister of Education referred to the problem of accommodation for teachers, the points that substitutes get from teaching in schools in the province, but also about the important collaborations of Greece with university institutions abroad.

As N. Kerameos stated, the salary of the teachers who serve in the province is no longer higher, however “in fact, at the moment there are more points, which translates into faster promotion and therefore higher salary ultimately with promotion”, as he mentioned.

“Teacher housing is a chronic problem”

Regarding the housing problem faced by the teachers appointed in the province, N. Kerameos underlined that it is a problem that has plagued Greek society for many years and a serious issue which has been exacerbated by short-term residential rentals.

“Efforts are being made at the local government level, such as a school that was built with a public-private partnership by the Municipality and at the same time small apartments were built for the teachers”he added.

Two degrees with an additional year of study

About important collaborations of Greece with university institutions abroad, she spoke N. Kerameos noting that “mthrough our presence in America we achieved closer cooperation between Greece and leading American universities. More than 30 American universities, such as Harvard, Yale, come to cooperate with Greek universities».

Afterwards, Mrs. Kerameos gave a typical example of cooperation agreed with American universities. “A student studying at the Metsovio Polytechnic can go for an extra year in Colombia, so the student will get two degrees.”

According to, Niki Kerameos also referred to collaboration between the University of Athens and Yale University in epidemiology, while there are already two English-speaking medical schools in our country.

Our country is becoming a global beacon of education in the Mediterranean, in Europe, which will attract peopleNiki Kerameos pointed out.

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