The key points of Mitsotakis’ speech at the UN

The key points of Mitsotakis’ speech at the UN
The key points of Mitsotakis’ speech at the UN

The Prime Minister will also refer to the Turkish invasion of Cyprus – A clear message that the two-state solution will not be accepted

The war in Ukraine, revisionism and Turkey’s threats, combined with answers to the immigration issue, as well as the Cyprus issue make up the key points in Kyriakos Mitsotakis’ speech at the UN.

According to information, the prime minister will make reference to the war in Ukraine, saying that it is a pivotal moment for the international community, the UN and the struggle of democracies against authoritarian regimes.

Mr. Mitsotakis insisted on the consequences of the war, the prospect of a difficult winter due to Russia’s instrumentalization of energy and the need to support citizens, but also to switch to RES and diversify energy sources.

It will also send a message about climate change and the green transition, which is directly linked to energy.

He will then speak about the Turkish invasion and the illegal occupation of Cyprus, sending a clear message that the two-state solution is not acceptable.

A key element, however, of his speech will be Turkish provocation. Kyriakos Mitsotakis will refer to Ankara’s revisionist agenda, the escalation of the war rhetoric it adopts and its destabilizing role in the region and beyond.

The prime minister will give a tough answer for the instrumentalization of the Immigration Service and Turkey’s lies. A clear message that Greece will protect its borders with respect for human rights. He will emphasize, however, that the questioning of Greek sovereignty is a red line

Finally, he will repeat that the dialogue framework for Greece is International Law and he will invite Turkey to a consultation on this basis.


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