Crete: 13-year-old cut her veins in a playground

Crete: 13-year-old cut her veins in a playground
Crete: 13-year-old cut her veins in a playground

Disturbance prevailed on Thursday afternoon (22/9) in Perama Mylopotamos, when a 13-year-old girl tried to end her life in Playground of the area, which is in fact located in a central point.

According to information from neakriti, the 13-year-old girl of Indian origin who lives permanently in Perama with his family, yesterday around 19:30 went alone to the playground, where at that time there were other children with their parents enjoying their game.

Suddenly and in front of everyone’s surprised eyes, the little girl started to cut the veinswith a razor hidden in his clothes.

The parents in front of the sight of the bloodied child started to call for help, at the same time removing their own children so that they would not witness this cruel image.

At that time, completely by chance, he was passing by the patrol station of the local police department with the uniformed officers rushing to the scene and trying in every way to stop the bleeding in the child’s hands. The little girl was first taken to the Health Center of the area and then to the Rethymno hospital, while in the evening she was transferred to a hospital in Heraklion where she is fortunately out of danger.

The police authorities conducting the preliminary investigation into the case have already taken a statement from the child’s parents, who are still trying to understand the reasons that led the 13-year-old to this act.

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