Sakellaropoulou: Announced the opening of “ANIMASYROS 2022 International Animation Festival”

Sakellaropoulou: Announced the opening of “ANIMASYROS 2022 International Animation Festival”
Sakellaropoulou: Announced the opening of “ANIMASYROS 2022 International Animation Festival”

With an impressive ceremony at the emblematic Apollo theater of Hermoupolis, the 15th edition of the Animasyros International Animation Festivalco-organized by the Municipality of Syros Ermoupoli and the South Aegean Region, with the support of PPC.

The official opening of the festival was announced by the President of the Republic Katerina Sakellaropoulou which, among other things, stated that “I was impressed by the breadth of the subject matter, the variety of media and techniques and the sensitivity of the creators, who are not satisfied with aesthetically perfect films, as they seek to convey strong social messages through a particular language, which it activates the imagination and expands the traditional narrative. To approach the problems of the modern world – wars, refugees, pandemics, climate change, loneliness, human relationships – with a poetic eye, courage, depth”.

The president of Animasyros Vassilis K. Karamitsanis was the main presenter of the event, while the evening had simultaneous interpretation in Greek sign language. The opening ceremony was broadcast live in Miaouli Square.

In the packed Apollon theater, among the large audience, the MP of Cyclades Filippos Fortomas, the general secretary of Digital Governance and Simplification of Procedures Leonidas Christopoulos, the deputy regional governor Giorgos Leontaritis, the mayor of Hermoupoli on Syros Nikos Livadaras, who awarded an honorary plaque to the president of Animasyros Vassilis Karamitsanis, the vice-chancellor of the University of the Aegean Dimitris Papageorgiou and the president and managing director of EKOME Panos Kouanis, while the “present” at the event, via the internet, was also given by the Deputy Minister of Culture and Sports in charge of Contemporary Culture Nikolas Giatromanolakis. The event was attended by representatives of the local government, diplomatic missions, the Holy Diocese of Syros and institutional bodies.

The evening opened with the interesting performance, “The Return of Prosperus (from Adana)” by Filippou Tsitsopoulou on the refugee issue. Immediately after, Vassilis Karamitsanis took the stage and welcomed the audience to the official opening of the festival which this year, in its 15th edition, comes with a richer program than ever before. Then, the second new animated film produced by Animasyros was presented for EOT, with the aim of promoting Greece as an ever-evolving destination with sustainable development.

This was followed by the first official screening of the third film in the “Ninety Seconds” series in collaboration with Melodia 99.2, which this time is dedicated to the great Syrian poet and lyricist Manos Eleftheriou. In the animated biopic, directed Maria Christou and Daniel Nikolaou, directed by Charalambos Margaritis and script edited by Melodia 99.2 and Animasyros, the song “‘Allos gia Chios travixe'” released in 1972 with the voice of Dimitris Mitropanos, music by Dimos Moutsis and lyrics by Manos Eleftheriou is heard, the which was adapted especially for this film by Giorgos Dalaras.

Soon after, Animasyros opened with Jonas Poher Rasmussen’s award-winning Flee, a StraDa Films film that, among other things, received three Oscar nominations, was selected at Cannes and won the grand prize in its international competition Sundance. The film, which is about the true story of a young Afghan boy fleeing his country for the Homeric journey to freedom, was foreworded by the film’s character designer Mikkel Sommer and the production manager Danai Katopodi.

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