Calliope Vetta: Model – Documento

Calliope Vetta: Model – Documento
Calliope Vetta: Model – Documento

She is not just a “big voice” in song, but also a composed voice in politics – and these make her a model of renewal

Mrs. Lina Mendoni is burdened with some of the most onerous projects of the Mitsotakis government.

The non-parliamentary minister – who was next to Fofi Gennimata on the night of the elections and in the morning was in the Mitsotakis Cabinet – is involved in the cementing of the Acropolis, the abuse of the ancients of Thessaloniki, the attempt to cover up Lignadis and now in the legalization of antiquities theft.

It is about the infamous agreement that will supposedly repatriate 161 Cycladic antiquities, but it just legalized the international antiquities collector who owned them, assigned their exploitation to an offshore company and dragged the Parliament into the washing of the method.

SYRIZA denounced the scandal and the shameful legislative initiative. But none of his lines described the anasiourema as harshly as Kalliopis Vetta’s MP – with her article in Documento.

Her participation in highlighting the scandal brings to the fore an inherent problem of SYRIZA: the inability to place in the front line executives with obvious competence and social acceptance.

The bureaucracy that until recently held the party offices kept the publicity of the area on its behalf, displacing those who generate publicity with their work.

Vetta belongs to this category, as one of the most important artists of her generation.

A bright face in K.O. of SYRIZA, with great performances and collaborations with great Greek and foreign creators.

As a politician she was “discovered” by the voters of Kozani – the performer is currently their most important personality – and they gave her the only seat of 2019, leaving out the four MPs that SYRIZA had in the previous Parliament.

In the more than three years that have passed since then, this great “asset” – to recall an old phrase of Tsipras that was wasted on the wrong person – has not been exploited.

Neither in the Parliament, as a member of the Educational Affairs and Environmental Protection committees, nor in the broader activity of the party

Not a single concert of hers was organized to accompany any activity. The communication displacement that she has as an accomplished artist was not exploited and the ethos of her public presence was not nailed to the marquee.

In today’s conditions, Kalliopi Vetta is for the Left, against Greek society, what Maria Faradouri used to be.

Plus her presence in Parliament. The way she highlighted the “Cycladic” scandal with a single article, showed her ability to familiarize the public with the riddles of politics, more comprehensible than experienced parliamentarians of the party.

She is not just a “big voice” in song, but also a composed voice in politics – and these make her a model of renewal.


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