Actors or comedians wanted? |

Actors or comedians wanted? |
Actors or comedians wanted? |

Students/actors aged 25-70 are wanted, to help with a shoot or to participate (either with a role or with a supporting role) in a new project with filming in Attica… There will be no payment, but the production will keep all the resumes of the participants for future reference cooperation. This particular project is a huge project and the actors who will participate will work directly with the director as well as the protagonist (Christos Vassilopoulos) gaining a lot of experience».

With the above post on his social networks, the actor Christos Vassilopoulos invited actors to participate in a job, without being paid. Is huge project», as it says. Now how it is possible for a project to be huge and not be able to pay all the potential needed to carry it out, is a mystery. Give a dime, bro, that’s how it is for guys.

Either way, the post promises that any actors who work without pay now will be called back for work in the future. It is not clear, of course, if they will then be paid or if they will be asked to volunteer again. Details, you will tell me.

I don’t know what a young actor, someone studying or just out of drama school will think, reading the above ad and many more like it that are circulating. He may feel the need to do so, ignoring the phrase there will be no payment», driven by his desire to be on a set and participate in filming. Maybe he thinks that this way he will get into circles, he will get to know people in the area and they will possibly open doors for him. Midsummer night’s dreams that just pander to the producers who want to make money off the fly and help an absurd mentality continue.

The actor’s profession requires a lot of sacrifices, but for some reason in Greece we have also burdened him with the sacrifice of unpaid work. Advertisements like the one above exist because there is a specific perception that it is okay for an actor to work here and there, on the contrary, it is part of the program and perhaps helps his development.

The latter is the worst and is light years away from reality. No one takes you seriously if you accept to work without getting paid. No one really respects you if they see that they can have you for such a small, in fact non-existent, price. He just sees you as a convenient cog that he agreed to work by putting the fuel out of his own pocket. Figuratively and literally. They don’t even give you your gas to go to the shoot, in such cases.

The most hardened at work react to this logic, but there are a lot of others who fall into its trap and give in. Because they are young, because they have no experience, because they desperately want to live their dream, because they are shopping, because they have believed that this is how things work in this business.

No, it doesn’t work like that. And if it goes, we have to change it. Let the huge projects pull the snake out of the hole by themselves. Since it is huge, they will find a solution. Let’s put the hand in the pocket a little more. If their pocket doesn’t have more, let them not be done. Let the projects that can pay the staff they need be done.

PS If there are no actors working hard, necessarily only such projects will be made.

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