Divers are scanning Kremasta Lake for the missing 48-year-old woman

Divers are scanning Kremasta Lake for the missing 48-year-old woman
Divers are scanning Kremasta Lake for the missing 48-year-old woman

The search continues for the 48-year-old woman who is missing in Evrytania, with divers scanning the lake of Kremasta while her relatives search for any trace of her, although so far all efforts have been unsuccessful.

We still don’t know anything. The car was found on the bridge, he had notified, in the machine the key. And if it will be found because the lake is deep, it is… It is also cold, terribly cold. She ran and she liked everything about lakes and mountains and sports. In her good cheer, she always said, “Mom, you are strong and you take care of us all,” she said mother on “Live News”.

Almost a day before her disappearance, the 48-year-old posted on social media a photo overlooking the lake, where everyone is now looking for her.

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“An excellent child, we have worked together for 30 years. I spoke with her yesterday at noon. He called me and told me that he was going to Lamia for some exams,” he said colleague of the 48-year-old woman who left her car at the Tatarna Bridge and disappeared. The police allegedly found her mobile phone, shoes, and a handwritten note inside.

He left a note in the car and the firemen are searching in boats. Investigations have yet to show anything. The divers will go down, that’s what we hope will happen from the divers. Now everything else was visible from above with boats involved in the fire department, the police, everyone is there but still nothing has been found,” said Thomas Davarinos, president of the Agrafon Mountaineering Association.

The woman lived in Karpenisi with her husband, who has been called by the authorities to describe in every detail as much as he can about his wife. Those who know her, however, speak of a happy and active person, full of life and energy.

“He was a very active person, even diving now in the summer. He had gone to a school, walked a lot, exercised a lot. She was very good at her job, she had been working in a microbiological laboratory for years,” said a relative of the 48-year-old.

A few days ago, in fact, she was at a relative’s wedding, where she talked to several people and she didn’t show that anything bothered her. The investigations continue, with the help of volunteer residents from neighboring villages, who are anxious for the 48-year-old woman.

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