MRB poll: At 7.5 points the difference between ND and SYRIZA

MRB poll: At 7.5 points the difference between ND and SYRIZA
MRB poll: At 7.5 points the difference between ND and SYRIZA

A difference of the order of 7.5 percentage points (in the reduction of the valid ones) is maintained by New Democracy against SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance, according to the findings of the MRB poll, which was presented in the news bulletin of the OPEN television station.

Regarding the intention to vote, New Democracy registers a percentage of 29.6% against SYRIZA’s 22.6%, while PASOK – Movement for Change registers a percentage of 12.1%. Fourth is the KKE with 5.1%, followed by Hellenic Solution and Mera25 with 4.2% and 3.5% respectively.

By reduction to the valid ones (without the abstentions and the blanks), the percentages of the parties are formed as follows: New Democracy 31.3%, SYRIZA 23.8%, PASOK 11.7%, KKE 5# Greek solution 4.4 and Day25 3.7%.

According to the poll presented by the company’s managing director, Dimitris Mavros, citizens rate accuracy as the biggest problem they face. Specifically, 56.2% answer that accuracy is the main issue that concerns them, while unemployment comes second with a percentage of 11.8%. The war in Ukraine, Greek-Turkish affairs and crime follow with smaller percentages, while only 2.8% assess wiretapping as the main issue that concerns them.

How citizens evaluate the presence at TIF

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Regarding the evaluation of political leaders at the Thessaloniki International Fair, the Prime Minister is evaluated negatively by 38.4% of citizens and positively by 28.7%. 45.6% negatively assess the presence of Alexis Tsipras in the TIF, while only 19.6% respond that they positively assess the presence of the head of SYRIZA. Regarding the presence of Nikos Androulakis in TIF, this is evaluated negatively by 40% and positively by 10.6%.

The dilemma “stability or chaos” raised by Kyriakos Mitsotakis is expressed by 34% of respondents, while 43.5% respond that it does not express them at all. Correspondingly, the “familiarism or progressive alliance” raised by Alexis Tsipras as a dilemma is expressed by 28.3% and not expressed by 45.5%.

THE Kyriakos Mitsotakis chosen by 38.9% of respondents as most suitable prime minister, while the Alexis Tsipras from 29%

However, the answers to the question about the possibility of forming a cooperation government are also interesting. 22.6% respond that they see positively a co-government of ND – PASOK or ND – PASOK – smaller parties of the Right. Correspondingly, 24.2% of the respondents have a positive view of a SYRIZA – PASOK or SYRIZA – PASOK – smaller parties of the Left.


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