How much is bread sold in Greece?

How much is bread sold in Greece?
How much is bread sold in Greece?

In accuracy and its price of bread mentioned the president of the bakers’ federation of Greece, Michalis Mousios, in the MEGA Hour Society, while he also spoke about the doubling of the prices of raw materials in the ovens.

Regarding energy costs and the increase that has occurred, Michalis Mousios said: “In the summer of 2021, an electricity bill with a consumption of 12 to 13 thousand kilowatt hours was close to 2 thousand euros, while for September 2022 it was 2,562 euros and in October it will be 4,584 euros”.

“For the first time we see locks on ovens”

The president of the bakers emphasized “for the first time we see lockouts in ovens, which is not due to retirement” and asked for the continuation of the special subsidy.

The prices of raw materials are on the rise:

Sunflower oil (10 liters): €10 -> €28

Soft flour (25 kg): €8.75 -> €17.50

Sugar (25 kg): €15 -> €30

Bread of “gold”

Loaf (500 g)

• September 2021:

è From €0.70 to €1

• From March 2022 to today:

è From €1 to €1.20.

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