Mother-in-law “caught” the bride with her lover at the wedding feast

Mother-in-law “caught” the bride with her lover at the wedding feast
Mother-in-law “caught” the bride with her lover at the wedding feast

A wedding in Achaia was broken up in one night, specifically on… his first.

Specifically, according to, during a wedding in the Municipality of Erymanthos, the bride was caught red-handed with her lover in the toilet of the restaurant where the party was taking place.

The groom is a man from the area, while the bride is from Patras. But what no one knew is that the bride had a parallel relationship with Patrinos, who works in the field of fruits and vegetables.

In fact, the groom knew about the “friendship” (that was as far as his “knowledge” about the lover) and agreed to be invited as a guest to both the wedding ceremony and the reception!

The bride looked very happy and had fun dancing at her wedding reception at a well-known banquet hall in the area. But at some point, after consultation with her lover, she found herself in the toilet with him. “Around 3 in the morning, she called him to the toilet and of course they left separately,” AD, an eyewitness to the incident, told But the mother-in-law had “suspected” for a long time that something strange was happening with the “best friend” and “sometimes partner” of the bride and followed her. Wait a while, and suddenly enters the toilet and sees the “friend” together with the bride in an erotic context!

The same sources report that the lover was punched by the son-in-law and another person, while of course the couple was led to divorce the next day! It remains unknown whether the bride continues her relationship with her “gifted” boyfriend.

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