A day without a car we said… but we didn’t see (pics)

A day without a car we said… but we didn’t see (pics)
A day without a car we said… but we didn’t see (pics)

Thursday, September 22, is the last day of the European Mobility Week and the Municipality of Tripoli had called on citizens not to drive their cars on this day but to prefer alternative forms of transportation

Walking, cycling or electric means of transport such as scooters or bicycles are some of the options that one could turn to. In addition, it was announced that throughout the day various actions will take place in central parts of the city.
Strolling downtown we saw no action. On the other hand, the citizens of Tripoli once again chose their car to get around.

As you can see in the photos, streets such as Eleftheriou Venizelou, Nikitira and also the pedestrian streets of the city are full of cars. The queue of cars that had formed was so long that a pedestrian needed at least four minutes to cross.

In addition, drivers again did not hesitate to park their cars on the pavement, ignoring pedestrians.

We only saw students riding their bikes, who had to be very careful because of the heavy traffic of passing cars.
A more general review of this week and its actions reveals that it was not crowned with success.
The lack of information about the actions and the lack of awareness of the citizens were the causes of this situation.

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