Patras: THE PROPOSAL actively participates in the 13th Panhellenic Meeting of Addiction Prevention Agencies

Patras: THE PROPOSAL actively participates in the 13th Panhellenic Meeting of Addiction Prevention Agencies
Patras: THE PROPOSAL actively participates in the 13th Panhellenic Meeting of Addiction Prevention Agencies

The Panhellenic Network of Addiction Prevention Agencies, the Corfu Prevention Center DIMOP “N.MOROS” and the Ionian University are co-organizing in Corfu, from September 28 to October 01, 2022, the 13th Panhellenic Meeting of Prevention Agencies with a central message “Prevention Depreciates and Values ​​what Life brings” – because prevention is life itself.

The organization of the 13th Panhellenic Meeting takes place under the auspices of the National Coordinator for Combating Drugs and with the support of the Anti-Drug Organization (OKANA), the Region of the Ionian Islands and the Municipality of Central Corfu and the Diapontian Islands.

The Panhellenic Network of Addiction Prevention Agencies is a form of association of Agencies that develop Addiction Prevention and Psychosocial Health Promotion Programs in Greece and Cyprus. It started 29 years ago – in 1993 – in PATRA with the initiative of PROTASIS and the MUNICIPALITY OF PATRA and the participation of 25 organizations and municipalities from all over Greece. The trigger for this meeting was the human need for a meeting, exchange of experience and mutual support of people and Agencies who believed in the vision of a cooperative development of Prevention in our country. In 1995 again in PATRA with the initiative again of the PROPOSAL and the MUNICIPALITY OF PATRA but now with the support of the University of Patras, the TEI of PATRA and 50 prevention agencies and Municipalities, the Panhellenic Network was established, succeeding in these years to become a model example functional networking. The path of the Network is parallel to the historical path of Prevention in Greece, contributing and co-shaping its evolution. It is a stable point of reference in a constantly changing reality. In 2013, Patra again hosted the 9the now a Panhellenic Meeting jointly organized by the Panhellenic Network of Addiction Prevention Agencies and
“PROTASSI” and the Center for Prevention of Dependencies and Promotion of Psychosocial Health PE Achaia (KALLIPOLIS) . At the same time, the Coordinating Committee of the Network in the last years has been responsible for Gianna Zorba, Scientific Manager of KP- KALLIPOLIS.

Every two years, the PDFFP organizes a four-day Panhellenic Meeting, in order for institutions, professionals and volunteers to be in a continuous dialogue and reflection regarding the social situation in which their provided services take place, with the aim of developing effective interventions in their community .

The pandemic highlighted with greater intensity than ever the cracks in our society and contemporary social problems, challenging us to look at the new reality again. Circumstances challenge us to reposition ourselves, to reconstitute ourselves as persons, groups and communities and to determine the new pace of prevention in the post-covid era.

In the city of Corfu, through a rich program of work, more than 200 professionals and volunteers from prevention agencies in Greece and Cyprus will talk, they will use art, culture and ecology in this creative search, they will interact with the local community and they will be inspired by giving a new perspective and promotional power to prevention.

Those interested can search for detailed information on the program of works at the email address

The PROPOSAL, as the originator of the PDFFP, has continuously participated all these years with volunteer representatives and prevention officers, contributing in many ways to the further strengthening and reinforcement both in the daily life of the Network and in the plenaries, as well as in the Panhellenic Meetings. In particular with regard to the 13the Panhellenic Meeting to be held in Corfu the PROPOSAL has actively contributed to the Scientific Committee through the Scientific Officer Dr. Vassilis Passas, who will also present a presentation on “ASSESSMENTS FROM THE FUNCTIONING OF 10 SOCIAL NETWORKS OF THE PROPOSAL MOVEMENT”. CONCLUSIONS ARISING FROM THE COMPARISON WITH INTERNATIONAL EXPERIENCE”. At the same time, a multi-member group of executive volunteers of the PROPOSAL groups will participate in all the tasks and events of the meeting.

For more information you can contact the operator from Monday to Friday 9:00-13:00 at 2610-451790.

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