The Ambassador of Austria in Patras

The Ambassador of Austria in Patras
The Ambassador of Austria in Patras

A legal obstacle that would possibly lead to the loss of the copyrights of the Intangible Cultural Heritage document drawn up by volunteers is invoked by the Municipality of Patreon regarding the major issue that arose for the Patreon Carnival.

Specifically, in the announcement of the Municipality it is stated that “we point out that, following a unanimous decision of the Board of Directors of KEDIP – Carnival of Patras, the statement of intent to submit the Intangible Cultural Heritage element card was submitted to the Ministry of Culture, as coordinator of the editorial team, by the director of KEDIP – Carnival of Patras, who collaborated, under her above coordinating and guiding role, in all levels, with the members of the bulletin’s editorial team throughout the preparation of the file.

Members of the group that participated in the drafting of the newsletter proposed a member of the group as coordinator, which would mean, based on the current legislation (article 7 par. 1, 2 of L. 2121/1993, as it currently applies), that it would be the sole original beneficiary of the property and moral right over the aforementioned collective work.

With a letter from the President of the Board of Directors of KEDIP – Patras Carnival on 9/9/2022 to the members of the committee and after they had declared their member as coordinator, we clarified the following: “the Director of KEDIP had a coordinating role…, a fact which implies the self-righteous acquisition of the of copyright on the Bulletin from KEDIP/ Municipality of Patreon”.

After the written negative responses of members from 19.09.2022, regarding the acceptance of the Director of KEDIP – Karnavali Patras as Coordinator of the editorial team and in order not to come to a confrontation at the end of a good cooperation, we proposed orally, in writing and in excess, as last and compromise solution, to send the bulletin with two coordinators, so that the copyrights on the Bulletin will go jointly to KEDIP through its director and to the editorial team through its member. And this proposal of ours was expressly and in writing rejected by members of the bulletin’s editorial team.

The Municipal Authority, protecting all citizens, expressly declares that under no circumstances does it accept blackmail and does not waive the assertion of the legal rights of KEDIP – Patras Carnival”.


For their part, the volunteers who worked for more than seven months, make it clear that there was never any question of copyright, which they stated from the beginning that they would grant as soon as the bulletin received final approval from the Ministry of Culture. Their main objection was related to the fact that the Director of KEDIP- Patras Carnival, while she organized with great success the operation of the groups formed for the compilation of the newsletter, did not participate in its coordination, while correspondingly, the president of KEDIP- Patras Carnival demanded that she be included in the editorial team, without having the slightest participation.

Finally, it should be noted that in the bulletin there is a special “field” in which there is a clear and distinct reference that the Patrino Carnival is organized by KEDIP- Patras Carnival which is also the official body that represents it.

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