The new movies of the week: Sunny ’50s, colorful Athens

The new movies of the week: Sunny ’50s, colorful Athens
The new movies of the week: Sunny ’50s, colorful Athens

Don’t worry my love ★★½
Directed by: Olivia Wilde
Starring: Florence Pugh, Harry Styles, Olivia Wilde

Fresh from the Venice Film Festival, the new film from actress and director Olivia Wilde (“Booksmart”) is a psychological thriller with a 1950s flavor but also a contemporary edge. The protagonists here are Alice (Florence Pugh) and Jack (Harry Styles), a young couple who move into an idyllic gated community somewhere in sunny California. The husbands there are employed on a top-secret government project, while their wives spend the day between housekeeping and refreshing cocktails.

In general, the alcohol flows abundantly in Wilde’s film, which begins by introducing the dreamy everyday life of a seemingly ideal couple. All this, of course, only makes us suspect even more that something is wrong, with Alice finally finding the edge of the myth, which will lead us to the revelations. The film’s cinematography is stunning, as are some very well-done scenes, yet its script remains somewhat predictable and rather superficial, placing more emphasis on its contemporary social commentary – which is basically about patriarchy – and less on its essence as thriller.

Broadway ★★½
DRAMA (2022)
Directed by: Christos Massalas
Interpretations: Elsa Lekakou, Phoivos Papadopoulos, Christos Politis

Christos Massalas (“Copa-Loca”) makes his feature debut, orchestrating an Almodovar-style extravaganza on the streets of modern Athens. Here, of course, there is no tourist side of the city, but that of the decadent center, with the old Broadway theater at its heart, which has been turned into a stronghold of an eccentric group of pickpocket performers. However, when a new person enters their lives, the balance will be disturbed and everyone will be in danger. Massalas obviously pays homage to Nicolaidis’ “Sweet Gang”, while at the same time putting the queer element in the center of attention. His heroes are completely contemporary, although his social commentary does not go very deep; on the contrary, the cult gold dust brought with it by the presence of the legendary “Yagos Drakos”, Christos Politis, or the surprise role of Lakis Gavalas is welcome .

The cover-up ★★★
Directed by: Martin Zandvliet
Interpretations: Ulrich Thomsen, Zaki Yousef, Sophie Torp

From the traditional “powerhouse” of crime thrillers, Denmark, comes this week a quite remarkable film. Detective Carl returns to action after a traumatic experience, taking on a seemingly simple case: a young boy is spotted trying to enter the country illegally, carrying in his pocket the passport of a man who has been missing for years and accused of pedophilia. The little boy refuses to cooperate, but the machinery of developments soon kicks into action, revealing a dark plan orchestrated by far greater interests. Director Martin Zandvliet creates an atmospheric thriller that requires quite a bit of watching, yet rewards the viewer with its twists and turns and suspense. The protagonist Ulrich Thomsen, who plays a policeman with minimal social skills but a high sense of duty, which also determines his actions, has a significant share in the success.

Feathers and feathers ★★½
SATIRE (2021)
Directed by: Omar El Zohairi
Interpretations: Sami Bassouni, Mohammed Abd El Hadi

From Egypt comes a film full of black humor, which satirizes the patriarchal organization of the Arab country. A popular family lives under difficult conditions in a poor apartment. However, things will get even worse when during a celebration, after a “magic” trick that goes wrong, the father disappears leaving in his place a live… chicken. Now the mother will be forced to take that action, facing social conventions and prejudices.

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