The Villa at the Metropolitan The Urban Theater

The Villa (The Road Not Taken) by GuillermoCalderón directed by Letos Triantafyllidou at Metropolitan The Urban Theater

How do we remember History?
How do we manage a trauma?
And when History is the trauma?

Three women called “Alejandra” meet in a room, charged with the task of deciding the future of Villa Grimaldi, an actual site of torture and murder in Chile during the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet (1973-1990). With humor and dramatic mastery, Chilean writer Guillermo Calderón creates three modern characters, who unsuspectingly enter a game of recovering their personal history. Should the Villa become a monument to the atrocities that took place there? To remain a ruin, to be forgotten? To become an art space? Each choice expresses a different relationship with History, but also a different need of its victims.

The director Leto Triantafyllidou in collaboration with a special troupe of actors, Natasa Exintaveloni, Lila Baklesi and Angeliki Paspaliari, return for the second year to the Micro Theater of Kerameikos and also to the Metropolitan The Urban Theater in Thessaloniki, examining the aftermath of such a traumatic event in the modern our reality, as well as the tradition of systemic violence against the female body. The legacy of a dictatorship that weighs on the heroes of the play is not unknown to us. Are we all, after all, children of a dictatorship and indirectly or directly descendants of a trauma?

Perhaps the Villa should eventually become a theater, to accommodate the joys and sorrows that exceed the imagination of its creators.

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Author: Guillermo Calderon
Translation – Historical consultant: Eleni Driva
Directed by: Leto Triantafyllidou
Performed by: Natasa Exintaveloni, Lila Baklesi and Angeliki Paspaliari
Sets – Costumes: Giorgos Lindzeris
Lighting: Melina Masha
Music: Alexandra Katerinopoulou
Photographer / Artwork / VideoArt: Christos Symeonidis
Kinesiologist: Angeliki Trombouki
Assistant Set Designer – Costume Designer: Anthi Paraskeva Veludogiannis
Production Organization: Papadaskalopoulou Nausica
Production: Olympia Culture

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The Villa (The Road Not Taken) by GuillermoCalderón
Metropolitan The Urban Theater: Al. Fleming 2, Thessaloniki
Tel: 2311 284 773
Performance days: Friday 28, Saturday 29, Sunday 30 October
Ticket prices: general admission €15, reduced €12
Start time: 21:00
Tickets on sale: and daily at the box office of the Metropolitan theater.

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