Larissa: The first step has been taken for the Inner Ring

Larissa: The first step has been taken for the Inner Ring
Larissa: The first step has been taken for the Inner Ring

The first step was taken for the construction of the inner ring in Larissa as the Economic Committee of the Municipality of Larissa approved the appointment of the temporary contractor that emerged after today’s (22/9) meeting.

According to information, the next stage in the implementation of the project – and if no objections arise within the next period – is the updating of the contractor. Subsequently, the project will go for pre-contractual control and after this whole process is completed, work will begin in the city of Larissa. The schedule of this process is determined approximately every two months, while the “key” for the smooth development of the project is whether objections will be raised against the temporary contractor.

The city is changing

It is recalled that the project has a budget of 11.7 million euros (including VAT) and is financed by the “Antonis Tritsis” program and in particular in the axis “Quality of life and orderly functioning of cities and settlements”.

The project consists of two major sections:

A) The works in the area of ​​Iroon Polytechneiou Street in a length of 1,650 meters with its complete reconstruction, construction of two new roundabouts and the reconstruction of sections of vertical streets.

B) The works of Taki Tsioga, complete reconstruction and new marking up to the roundabout of DEVAL, the complete reconstruction of Kranonos Street and its conversion into a light traffic road, the construction of two new roundabouts and the reconstruction of sections of vertical streets.


1. Polytechniou Avenue

The reconstruction of a large part of the Heroes Polytechnic, from Karditsis to Koutsina Street (at the level of the 2nd High School High School) is planned. Iroon Polytechneiou, as part of the inner ring, maintains the character of the avenue, while two roundabouts will be constructed, especially at its junction with Farsalon Street and Volou Street. Also, as part of the same interventions, reconstructions are foreseen in nearby sections of the vertical roads (Panagouli, to Iustinianos – Farsalon, to the OSE underpass, – Volou to Sapphos street, 23rd of October, to Aiolou, etc.)

It is noted that as part of the project, buildings will be expropriated on the Hero Polytechnic University in the section between Karditsis and Farsala, where the cross-section of the road narrows as is known.

2. Takis Tsioga Street

Particularly important is the parameter of the project concerning the opening of Takis Tsioga Street (formerly Kallithea). Expropriations will be made on this particular road to open the road to its full width, while according to the study there will be a 750 meter section of the road opened and in particular from Athinas Street to the existing DEVAL roundabout

Also, reconstruction of the road from Kentairon Street – Gr. Lambraki to Athena Street, reconstruction of Athena Street, from T. Tsioga to the Karathanos roundabout, reconstruction of a section of Kassandra Street, from Tsioga to Krannonos, are planned.

Plan of the intervention on Takis Tsioga Street (formerly Kallithea) with the opening of the new section, the new roundabouts and the reconstruction of Krannonos

It is also noted that the 660 meter long Krannonos street, from the junction with the Karathanou street roundabout to Lagou, is being converted into a light traffic road. Also, a dual carriageway 660 m long and 2.50 m wide will be created on Krannonos, Vraila Armeni, and Taki Tsioga streets (from the existing roundabout of Karathanou Street to the existing roundabout of Lagou Street)

As part of the interventions in the area, the construction of two roundabouts is planned at the junction of Tsioga with Athena and Krannonos respectively.


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