The award-winning novel by Constantia Sotiriou on the stage of the Satirical Theater

The award-winning novel by Constantia Sotiriou on the stage of the Satirical Theater
The award-winning novel by Constantia Sotiriou on the stage of the Satirical Theater

“…After so many years, I only learned one thing, that if there are innocents, it is us. Only U.S.”

On the back cover of the publication Pikria khora (Patakis publications 2019) by Konstantia Sotiriou, a work that was awarded the State Prize for Literature (in the Short story/Novel category) for 2019, the following is stated: “On her last night in the world, as she delivers the spirit and bleeding, Spasoula is accompanied to the other bank by her friends and neighbors, who accompanied her throughout her life. Through myths, fairy tales and superstitions, through bitter stories and real ghosts that only women can see and tell, the story of the ghosts of the missing in Cyprus unfolds, the frustration, the waiting, the truths and the lies of life. »

The work follows the laws of the structure of ancient tragedy: episodes and stops in a systematic sequence, alternating with bombastic monologues, duets or triodes. A group of women tells stories, wakes up the future dead and unravels the thread of memory, experience, knowledge. Women soften the exit, with love, with anguish sometimes, with song at other times, with shyness, with warmth, embrace with care, take care of the essentials, caress with simplicity and bravery death, continuity, and exorcise evil. They find their country, which is that of pain, of trauma. Their bitter country. In this night, the stories will be tied, the fingers will tighten around other hands and the fear will wear off. The history of our place will be revived through the lips of the sweets of the mother, the grandmother, the girls, the sister, the neighbor, the female relatives of all of us. And the narrative will be familiar. Always in the language we speak.

The actors of this show have another narrative encounter in their potential. Niki Maragou’s “Women’s Narratives” was an initial meeting point, and now “Bitter Country” by Kostantia Sotiriou offers the opportunity to reconnect.

THEY INTERPRET: Lenia Sorokou, Popi Avraam, Elena Dimitriou, Myrsini Christodoulou and Kynthia Pavlidou.

Directed by: Emilios Charalambidis
Scenography: Sosanna Tomazou
Costume design: Eleni Tzirkalli
Kinesiology: Eva Kalomiris
Lighting design: Karolina Spyrou
Music composition and sound field: Dimitris Zachariou
Photos: Christos Avraamidis
Poster design: Christiana Karagianni
Show Trailer: Savvas Mylonas
Program Planning: Leandros Taliotis
Set Construction: Giorgos Christianopoulos

SATIRICAL THEATER – UPPER STAGE – Friday, October 7, 2022 at 8:00 p.m.
NICOSIA, Upper Stage of Satirical Theater (Pantelis Kouros Hall)
Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 8:00 p.m. until October 30.
Access to the Upper Stage of the Satirical Theater for people with mobility problems is via an elevator, which is located in the foyer of the theater.
ADMISSION: €15 | €12 (pupils, students, pensioners)
Tickets: SoldOut Tickets
Information/Tickets: SATIRICAL THEATER 22312940 – 22421609
E-mail: [email protected]

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