OGE Heraklion: Commercialization of Primary the “personal doctor” – Crete

OGE Heraklion: Commercialization of Primary the “personal doctor” – Crete
OGE Heraklion: Commercialization of Primary the “personal doctor” – Crete

The Women’s Federation of Greece speaks of “one more step that deepens the commercialization of Primary Health Care, instead of a positive measure that will cover the basic health needs of us and our families”, in relation to the institution of the “personal doctor”

The Women’s Federation of Greece speaks of “one more step that deepens the commercialization of Primary Health Care, instead of a positive measure that will cover the basic needs of us and our families in Health”, in relation to the institution of the “personal doctor”.

The announcement of the Women’s Federation of Greece in detail:

“Working, unemployed, self-employed, new mother, retired,

The institution of the “personal doctor”, which the current government brings in following the footsteps of the previous one, instead of a positive measure that will cover our and our families’ basic health needs, in practice is another step that deepens the commercialization of Primary Care Health Care.

The Ministry of Health tells us that:

“the personal doctor provides comprehensive care, from prevention, updating the medical file, visiting, examining, prescribing, referral for tests, for specialist doctors or for hospitalization when there is a need…”.

But there is no question how exactly the personal doctor will provide this whole package when he is assigned up to 2000 people per month? What if the patient needs help in the evening or on the weekend? How will he undertake the prevention services, which are complex and require a network of health scientists to implement and logistical infrastructure.

“They will reward us if we register with the personal physician with priority for appointments in public health structures”

But these are empty words when the public Health Structures operate without the necessary staff, without the necessary and modern logistical infrastructure, when the available appointments for a mammogram, an MRI, a gastroscopy, are after months….

“Registration is not mandatory”

But the non-registered will have additional participation in the pharmaceutical expense, examinations and operations in the private centers.

“the lack of a personal physician is the cause of the mass attendance at the hospitals which hinders the smooth operation of the system and makes the patients suffer”.

But he hides from us that the existing problem of mass attendance at hospital emergency rooms is not due to the lack of a personal doctor, but to the rickety and outdated Health Centers, which do not have all the specialties, the necessary equipment, they do not even operate 24 hours a day.

For the OGE, the institution of the “personal doctor” can work essentially in favor of the health of women and their families only when it forms the core of a developed, staffed and equipped, exclusively public and absolutely free Primary Health Care system, which will have as a criterion the timely, safe and effective treatment of popular health needs.

Instead, its implementation today in our country will act as a tool-cutter of the provided health services. The experience from other countries where the gate-keeper institution is applied (e.g. Great Britain) shows that many patients do not receive the health services they need at the appropriate time, since the doctor himself is controlled and premium is awarded based on numbers, e.g. how much fewer will he refer for testing.

Instead they load personal physicians with a load of responsibilities that are impossible to carry out, at the expense of prevention, early diagnosis and treatment.

This is the result of the policy that treats our needs and those of our children as a “cost” for the state and as a “benefit” for the business giants active in the field of Health. This is the policy of all governments promoting EU guidelines. They are seriously damaging our health, which is a commodity instead of a social good.

We do not tolerate anything less for our life and health than the current level of development of science and technology can ensure today in the 21st century.

We claim collectively and militantly the coverage of our modern needs, because our health and life, the life of our children are precious!

We are fighting for a system of public and free Primary Health Care that will cover all our needs in prevention, treatment, rehabilitation, health promotion and will ensure a family doctor for all

We claim:

Health Centers with permanent staff (doctors of all specialties, nurses and auxiliary staff), with 24-hour operation, with sufficient logistical infrastructure, with decentralized clinics and mobile units for home visits, which will have:

– center for family planning, vaccinations, woman and child, mental health, physical therapy, pharmacy, providing free medicines

– staffing and equipment to cover the prenatal check-up of pregnant women and their special care needs during pregnancy

– staffing and equipment to make home visits to the seriously ill, elderly, disabled.

Mass recruitment of permanent staff of all branches and specialties to fully staff public hospitals, Health Centers, ECAV.

Permanentization of all adjuncts and contract workers, all workers with flexible working relationships in all public health structures”.

The article is in Greek

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