They were looking for the persuasions of the combine in the Mechanical but… they found weapons

They were looking for the persuasions of the combine in the Mechanical but… they found weapons
They were looking for the persuasions of the combine in the Mechanical but… they found weapons

One and only proof… betrayed the fraud set up by a vehicle transfer agent in Heraklion at the expense of the Engineer of the Region of Crete, profiting at least 1.2 million euros from the non-payment of the tax and the falsification of bank receipts. According to information, the forgery he did is described as a “masterpiece”, but until now no one knows how he succeeded in adding numerical digits to the receipts.

At the same time, the information states that the Department for Combating Organized Crime is looking for evidence of forgery, such as for example a device he was using, and for this reason, on September 15, he carried out a search at his home, where he did not find anything related to the fraud, although only two unlicensed guns, 400 rounds of ammunition and about 20,000 euros in cash.

The controlled case handler of the Ministry of Transport, after the expert opinion by a gunsmith is completed, will go through the spontaneous procedure probably tomorrow. In the meantime, the investigation at the Heraklion Engineering in the Region of Crete continues proof-by-proof and, it seems, it will take a long time, as no one can know the depth of the fraud, not even if there is another office in Heraklion that may have take similar actions. And of course it is very difficult to establish this, as authoritative information points out, since it is not possible to check all the transfers that have taken place in Heraklion in recent years. But, as it seems, it is possible to do a sample check.

Two brothers are being checked

Two appear to be the ones being audited for the case of fraud and forgery, since all the cases managed by the specific vehicle transfer office have been targeted. The information states that the office was run by two brothers. Consequently, when the office as a whole is investigated for the cases it handled, it is rather inconceivable that one would consider that only one and not all who work in it are being investigated.

Master artist

Sources from the Region of Crete state that the work on the forged receipts was masterfully done by the handler targeted by the authorities. According to the same sources, a single receipt that had been forged gave away the trick. About 15 days ago, an employee, as claimed by the Region of Crete, spotted a numerical digit on the receipt that did not appear in the same line as the rest of the numbers related to the payment amount. Then, the bank that owns the ATM and the Region of Crete were informed, and the audit began.

What did the dispatcher do? For a transfer fee of 135 euros, he paid 35 euros at the bank ATM that is on duty. The machine would produce a receipt for 35 and then in a way he knew would add an ace to the front and turn the 35 euro receipt into a 135 euro receipt! He submitted the receipt to the Transfer Office and the process was completed, except that the Region had never collected the full amount of the fee and the agent had pocketed the 100 euros given to him by the customer for the transfer.

A proof “burned” him

According to the same sources, so far only one proof has been found that is not perfectly forged. A proof that didn’t work for him… it burned him! This receipt with the ace that had not been placed perfectly straight with the other digits and caught the interest to start the check… The same information states that all the other receipts, so far checked and filed by the same handler, they are perfect! You can’t see the forgery even with a magnifying glass..! Now how were they detected? Since one receipt was found to be forged, all those submitted by that professional were checked against the payments received by the bank. There you can see the difference between the actual amount deposited and the forged receipt for the same payment!

“Hole” is the common code!

According to, the handler who set up the trick took advantage of the “hole” in the system, as it is not possible to check and cross-check the income from the transfers. This, according to the information, is due to the fact that for all payments in favor of the Region of Crete, a code exists and is used. Therefore, the revenues fall “in bulk” to the Fund and of course the control and cross-checking of who pays what is almost impossible. That is, for example, on a daily basis, it was not possible for the Fund to know how much money came from vehicle transfer fees. Consequently, the intersection was also impossible! So the “hole” in the system of the Region of Crete is the fact that there was only one payment code, which it seems they are now looking for ways to change so that there are more security steps.

It would not have happened at the Fund

On the other hand, if the transfer fees were paid to the Treasury of either the Region or the bank, this could not happen. And this is because each fee is defined based on the characteristics of the vehicle and must be paid once to receive the receipt that the employee of the Transfer Office includes in each file. It is worth noting that the Mechanical began accepting, according to information, automatic payment receipts from 2004 and it is estimated that a few years later the bank ATM was put into service for the public. Therefore, no one knows how long the control should reach!

What ELAS was looking for in the house of the handler and what they found – Two guns, cartridges and 20,000 euros in cash

The case seems to have started to unfold in late August to early September. Information indicates that the beginning of the “thread” began to unravel about 15 days ago. While the audit was progressing and the extent of the fraud was revealed by SDOE, which has entered Mechanologiko for an audit, the Police had already been informed about the operator. On September 15 from the press office of EL.AS. a press release was issued on a pending gun possession case. The reason;

The case of the 2 weapons and the 400 cartridges was brought up by the Department for Countering Organized Crime (TAOE) of the Greek Police Department of Crete. The involvement of the Organized Crime Unit in a case involving two weapons was surprising, as the TAOE usually investigates much more serious cases. Therefore, he was researching something more serious and coincidentally “stumbled” upon the weapons. Reports now indicate that, along with the two guns and 400 rounds of ammunition, 20,000 euros in cash were also reportedly seized, found at the home of the suspect. The cash is not mentioned in the press release, despite the fact that it was seized. The case in question will probably be tried tomorrow in Autoforos, after it received a postponement for the expert opinion, it seems.

The gun accused, according to secure information, is the same person who is “photographed” as the handler who set up the fraud in Mechanical and Organized Crime searched his home for evidence surrounding the fraud and forgery or even the infamous device heat treatment that some say he may have used to tamper with evidence. However, nothing relevant has so far been known to have been found. The controversial Police press release issued in this regard on September 15 is the following: “A resident defendant was arrested today (s.s. on 15/9/2022) in Heraklion, by officers of the Organized Crime Department of the General Regional Police Directorate of Crete for weapons law violations.

In particular, in the context of targeted actions and special actions, prepared by the General Regional Police Directorate of Crete to combat the illegal possession of weapons, today (s.s. 15/9/2022), by police officers of the above Service, an investigation was carried out at the home of the citizen , during which a pistol, a shotgun, two magazines and 400 rounds of ammunition were found and seized.

The preliminary investigation is carried out by the Organized Crime Department of the General Regional Police Directorate of Crete”.

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