Krousonas at the center of a new Parliamentary intervention by Haris Mamoulakis – Heraklion

Krousonas at the center of a new Parliamentary intervention by Haris Mamoulakis – Heraklion
Krousonas at the center of a new Parliamentary intervention by Haris Mamoulakis – Heraklion


A question to the Minister of Culture regarding the highlighting of the important archaeological finds of the region, was addressed by the MP SYRIZA of Heraklion

The indifference of the Ministry of Culture resulting from the abandonment of important archaeological finds of Krousonas is highlighted by a new Question submitted by Mr. Head of Development & Investments K.O. SYRIZA – Progressive Alliance, Member of Parliament of Heraklion Haris Mamoulakis, with the co-signature of the competent Head of Sector Sia Anagnostopoulos and the Members of Parliament of Heraklion Sokratis Vardakis and Nikos Igoumenidis.

“The archaeological importance of Krousonas is known and proven by important archaeological finds, such as the Minoan tomb that was discovered during the construction of the Gazi – Krousonas road, as well as the extensive archaeological settlement that was discovered in Rizoplagies during the excavations at the site of Koupos at the beginning of the 1980s” says Haris Mamoulakis in his statement, emphasizing: “Monuments with significant archaeological value which, however, need preservation and promotion, in order to be able to strengthen the touristic and economic development of the wider region. The Minister of Culture must do the minimum and assume her responsibilities. To ensure the protection and safety of the two archaeological monuments in Rizoplagies and on the Gazi – Krousona road and to immediately proceed with the maintenance and restoration of the worn roofs and fences, the installation of information signs and their cleaning.”

As mentioned in the new Question, in the Rizoplagies site, a Minoan building with 8 rooms, open outdoor areas and corridors as well as a number of household and ceremonial utensils has been discovered since the 1980s. The building is considered to be a part of a wider Minoan settlement which is of interest for the research of the mountain farming facilities during the period of the Minoan heyday. To protect the monument, the area was fenced off and a canopy was installed. However, today the monument presents an image of absolute abandonment as the surrounding area is full of garbage and both the fence and the canopy have been destroyed.
In addition, at the beginning of the 2010s, during the construction of the Gazi – Krousona road, an untouched, well-preserved Minoan tomb (1300 BC) of group contents with rich offerings was discovered. Important finds came to light, including jewelry, bronze objects, weapons, and painted pottery. Despite the efforts of the Municipality of Malevizi to fix the monument with shafts during its discovery, today the roof is damaged and the relevant marking is non-existent.

It is recalled that there was a corresponding Question by Haris Mamoulakis about the continuation of the excavation work in the Koupos area of ​​Krousonas. An important archaeological site, known since the beginning of the last century through the reports of Xanthoudides and other archaeologists, which has yielded important findings during the phases of its excavations and the revelation of an extensive settlement with continuous habitation from the Late Minoan to Hellenistic years. At the time, the Minister of Culture had cynically replied that: “The systematic investigation of the archaeological site of Koupos in Krousonas, is not a priority of the Ministry of Culture.”.

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