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Ian Anderson: Return the Parthenon Sculptures to Greece

“How would our new King Charles III feel if the Royal Crown was kept permanently in a museum in Athens?” asks frontman Jethro Tull

A few hours before Thursday’s live at the Lazarist Monastery Festival (on Friday at the Melina Merkouri Rock Theater) the founder and singer of Jethro Tull, Ian Anderson, he puts aside the musical preparations and on the occasion of his love for Greece and art in general… talks about the Parthenon Sculptures.

“The theft of various national historical monuments over the centuries by other countries needs to be recognized. In some cases, it could be argued that they were, perhaps, temporarily safer in foreign hands and could be appreciated by far more people in prestigious museums such as the British Museum. But that was then. Right now we’re talking about today. The return of the so-called Elginian Marbles should be to be a key priority for the British Museum” says the British multi-instrumentalist, who with his artistic intelligence stood out already from the first steps of the band.

Continuing, the British musician and performer wonders what would happen if British relics were kept in an Athenian museum. “In 2021, the decision by Boris Johnson’s British government to support the continued stay of these historic treasures she was pathetic at the same time that recent indications show that more and more people and politicians support their return to Greece. Perhaps the new Prime Minister of the United Kingdom should rethink the matter. After all, modern technology can create an exact replica for the British Museum, as many of them replace other priceless heirlooms. How would our new King Charles III feel if the Royal Crown was kept permanently in a museum in Athens?’

Ian Anderson is a special, iconic and much-loved persona and together with Jethro Tull are worthy children of progressive rock. Without labels, however, and based on the magic of creation, they are one of the bands that have left their mark on the international music scene.

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