Anna Vagena: “Stop exterminating disabled people with so-called “reforms””

Anna Vagena: “Stop exterminating disabled people with so-called “reforms””
Anna Vagena: “Stop exterminating disabled people with so-called “reforms””

In her statement, Anna Vagena, MP for Larissa of SYRIZA-PS, says:

On 09/16/22, the Government performed its miracle again, with the launch of the “new electronic process”, as it presented the disability certification process from the Certification Centers, proclaiming that it is a “reform” of the disability benefits system from EFKA and OPEKA.

I want to emphasize that nothing has changed, no reform in the Disability Certification Centers to simplify and shorten the suffering that disabled people go through. A new electronic platform just started to operate, through which, in fact, in its four days of operation, only ten (10) people managed to finalize their application.

The so-called “reform” did not lack sloppiness either: It did not increase the Special Body of Medical Examiners, it did not give incentives for the registration of private doctors, but also doctors of more specialties, so as to at least reduce the waiting time for the appointment of health committees.

In 2018, SYRIZA-PS implemented the disabled person’s electronic file system that operated in OPECA, for Athens, Thessaloniki and Patras, limiting the physical presence of the disabled person to submit the application and on the day of the examination. This system, which was to be extended throughout the country from September 2019, was overturned by the ND, making the process more difficult, harming and not helping the disabled.

Today, therefore, an additional physical presence of the disabled person is required, first of all to receive the initial opinion of the Disability Certification Centers – without counting the case of any objections or revisions of each decision – and then, to submit them again to the himself to his institution, with a new application, for the awarding of the benefits to which he is entitled.

Furthermore, the relevant Ministries of Labor and Social Affairs and Digital Governance issued the new KEPA Regulation just three days before the start of applications, on 13/09/22, and with great haste distributed to Community Centers and KEPs a vague circular without instructions for the way the platform works and without auxiliary material for the citizens and for the employees. They did not even take care to inform the doctors of the Region about the preparation of the electronic reference file that must accompany the application, resulting in an absolute chaos, which the KEP employees complain about in their statement.

Unfortunately, the government proves every day how little it cares about the citizens, how indifferent it is to a social and economic policy that will relieve them and improve their lives, but also how it endlessly mocks them, making black and white, while the people are outraged with her tactics.

We call on you, gentlemen of the Government, to finally stop impoverishing the disabled and implement the electronic file system implemented by the SYRIZA-PS government, reducing to a minimum the requirement for the physical presence of disabled people in the process of certifying their disability”.

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