Traffic has increased, but winter is scary

Traffic has increased, but winter is scary
Traffic has increased, but winter is scary

A book of great interest will be presented in Patras tomorrow Thursday at 8 pm at the Old Municipal Hospital.

It is a historical and sociological approach and search for life

of an emblematic form of journalism by Ioanna Stefanopoli, who was the first general director of APE in 1913, appointed by Eleftherios


The book entitled “Miss Stefanopoli”, is a great long-term and

thorough investigation by the well-known journalist and author Michalis Psilos. Through her fictional biography, evidence is presented that is seeing the light of day for the first time about the activity of a woman who played a decisive role in foreign policy for six whole decades and whose story was eventually forgotten in the collective memory.

She was the only woman who participated in the Greek delegation to the Peace Conference in Paris in 1918. Also the woman who wrote four books on the Hellenism of the Ottoman Empire, the details of which were used in the memorandum submitted by Eleftherios Venizelos to the Conference, for the Greek claims.

Her name is not mentioned anywhere in the written or spoken word – with the exception of scientific historical research. No honorable mention in the names of institutions, no street bears her name – not even in the Dodecanese, which owe their name to her.

Ioanna passed away in 1961, leaving all her property – her house behind Evangelism and her library, that is – to the CHAN. But she also leaves behind a huge legacy, a legacy for Greek journalism:

Press officers should be armed with knowledge, erudition and experience, resisting superficial recording and sloppiness. Going against the current when necessary, even when the river is so swollen and turbulent that it drags you into its own flow.

The book published by Livani publications will be spoken by: Iota Kontogeorgopoulou, Konstantinos Magnis and Evanthia Stivanaki, while the event will be moderated by Kyriakos Kortesis, President of the Union of Editors of Daily Newspapers of Peloponnese, Epirus – Islands (ESIEPIN).

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