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The restoration study of the Mousso building, in the center of the city, begins, after the signing of the relevant contract between the Mayor of Larissa, Apostolos Kalogiannis, and a representative of the contractor company.

As is well known, the Mousso building, after negotiations with its owners, was transferred to the Municipality of Larissa in 2018, while the decision of the municipal authority is after its restoration to function as a City Museum.

The restoration study, the cost of which amounts to approximately 185,000 euros and is financed by the “Antonis Tritsis” program, will concern the restoration and promotion of the protected building and the surrounding area, as well as its reuse as a Cultural cell area with actions focused on in the history of the city, over time and up to the present day, in its research, collection, recording, preservation and presentation, alongside the exhibition of the city’s archival – museum material in the rooms on the ground floor of the building.

The study, which also includes the museological approach to the building, is expected to be completed within six months, while the municipal authority has already begun the search for financial tools and programs for the implementation of the projects.

In his statement, Apostolos Kalogiannis emphasized the following:

“We continue with steady steps the multi-level project for the changes and the future of the city. After the successful effort we made in the previous term to acquire the historical building of Moussa from the Municipality of Larissa, the time has come for the study for the restoration, which will be completed in the coming months. The building after its restoration will function as a City Museum. In this way we preserve one of the most historic buildings of Larissa and highlight it as a point of reference for the evolution of the history of our city. At the same time, we are looking for financial sources for the implementation of the restoration works that the study will demonstrate.

We are moving forward with steady steps in our plan for Larissa. With seriousness, determination and consistency”

As is well known, the construction of the building began in 1929, on a plot of land belonging to Mouson Avraham of Larissa, with the purpose of housing the couple Salvador Avraham.. During the occupation, it housed the services of the Municipality of Larissa, later and for some time it housed leisure shops. After the war, the Municipality rented it to house its services and the Municipal Library had moved from the mosque to the basement. It then housed a Neurological Clinic and other tenants followed.

A few years after the death of Salvador Abraham in 1965, as the house was mortgaged to a bank, it was bought by the engineer Euripides Stathopoulos who proceeded to restore it and for a long time housed leisure shops.
Before the acquisition by the Municipality of Larissa, the building remained unused, which contributes to the deterioration of its condition.

The signing of the contract was also attended by Mr. mayor and deputy mayor of Technical Works G. Soultis, the head of the Technical Services Directorate, Mr. Th. Patsiouras and the executive of the same service, Mr. M. Kotoula.

Larissa: The restoration study of the Mousso building begins

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