“If this is Biden, I am Erdogan,” said the Turkish president disparagingly

“If this is Biden, I am Erdogan,” said the Turkish president disparagingly
“If this is Biden, I am Erdogan,” said the Turkish president disparagingly

He tried to discredit the American president, Joe Biden Recep Tayyip Erdogan responding to the former’s refusal to meet him.

In particular, the Turkish president responded to journalists who asked him how he comments on the fact that during his stay in New York for the UN General Assembly he was unable to make an appointment with him.

Erdogan, according to SKAI’s correspondent in Istanbul, Manolis Kostidis, replied: “For what reason?” If this is the BidenI am Erdogan”.

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Mitsotakis with Erdogan at Biden’s reception

Meanwhile, at the reception, which will be given by US President Joe Biden late tonight Greek time in honor of the leaders participating in the UN General Assembly, the Prime Minister, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, and the Turkish President, will be together in the same place. Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

However, after yesterday’s attack by the president of Turkey on our country, the scope for any agreement has been exhausted. Mr. Mitsotakis will in any case officially respond to Erdogan from the floor of the UN General Assembly in his speech on Friday, while the first reaction came yesterday through the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Nikos Dendias.

Erdoğan’s paranoia at the UN accusing Greece of drowning babies

It is recalled that the Turkish president escalated the Turkish provocations, yesterday, speaking to the UN as launched an unprecedented attack against Greece, accusing our country of crimes against humanity! The Turkish president, speaking at the annual UN assembly, even showed photos of dead babies and claimed that this is the result of violent pushbacks by the Greek coast guard.

Erdogan stated among other things that “we don’t want to see any more dead babies like Aylan, to wash up on our shores,” he said characteristically, while going so far as to claim that last week a 9-month-old baby and a 4-year-old child lost their lives because the Greek coast guard sank their boats. In fact, after showing photos of the dead children, he called on the UN to say “stop” to the crimes against humanity committed by Greece.

See the delirium of the Turkish president:

Greece is committing crimes against humanity. The Greeks tyrannize the refugees in the Aegean and the eastern Mediterranean. We don’t want the bodies of children like Aylan washing up on our shores. Greece is turning the Aegean into a graveyard. Two small children lost their lives because the Greek coast guard sank their boats. It is time for the EU and the UN to put an end to such crimes, which are crimes against humanity,” said the Turkish president.

Continuing the crescendo of challenges, he called Greece “ridiculous” that “seeks to make a show of strength”. “In the Aegean and the eastern Mediterranean, we want everything to be resolved based on the rules of good neighborliness and on the basis of international law. In the eastern Mediterranean, maintaining peace depends on respecting the rights of all sides.

Greece should put aside challenges and escalation and respond to our calls for solidarity and cooperation. We believe that the Euro-Mediterranean summit that we have proposed will serve this purpose. They never took a positive step and this shows who wants peace and stability and who wants to provoke and create conflicts,” the Turkish president argued.

We will defend our rights in the Aegean and the Eastern Mediterranean and we will not succumb to the escalation policies followed by other countries,” he added.

Dendias: “Turkey’s figures are false”

On the other side, Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias replied to the Turkish provocations by calling “Turkey’s facts false”.

Turkey’s positions expand every time the frameworks that human reason is called upon to face» commented from New York the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Nikos Dendias, responding to Erdogan’s claims from the floor of the UN General Assembly.

Asked to comment on what the Turkish president said, who showed photos of dead babies, claiming they were the result of violent push-backs by the Greek Coast Guard, Mr. Dendias called Turkey out for using immigration as a tool and said it was using false evidence, which has been answered for ten days.

“The country that directly threatens war, the country that has issued a casus belli, that questions Greek sovereignty in the Aegean islands, is coming to talk about good neighborly relations” continued the foreign minister, speaking on the sidelines of the meeting with his Egyptian counterpart of, Sameh Shukri.

“The country that owns the territories of foreign countries, including the Republic of Cyprus, is coming to talk about conditions of security and understanding in the eastern Mediterranean” he emphasized then, to add: “What we have to answer is that the Turkey to respect International Law and return as soon as possible at least to the area of ​​logic”.

The specific claims of the Turkish side have been heard and answered many times» also commented Mr. Dendias.

“In principle, Greece is a European country that absolutely respects human rights. And of course the rights of the Muslim minority. After all, the numbers prove this. The Muslim minority in Greece is growing, expanding and prospering. It would be good for Turkey to answer what happened to the Greek minority in Istanbul and how the thriving minority of over 100,000 people has been reduced to 5,000 people. Or, as it was once said, Turkey has no right to speak” he concluded.

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