VOLLEYBALL: Ergometric tests at OFI

VOLLEYBALL: Ergometric tests at OFI
VOLLEYBALL: Ergometric tests at OFI

The players of the OFI volleyball team, who are in the 3rd week of their preparation, passed ergometric tests and measurements.

The ergometrics were done by the distinguished scientist-gymnast-ergophysiologist Nikos Koundourakis, who provided coach Kostas Delikostas with useful information.

In the meantime, OFI’s preparation continues without problems with daily training sessions in the indoor gym of the Vardinoyanni Sports Center.

The OFI coach has all the players at his disposal, while some players also pass through the microscope of the OFI coach.

In the thoughts of the technical leadership, in the 5th week of preparation, OFI should go to Athens, for some friendly games.

While the dress rehearsal for the championship will be the League Cup games, with Athlos Orestiadas, Aristoteli Skydras and Pegasos Polichnis, which will take place before the first service on October 22.

Neos OPE Rethymnon continues to build its roster for the new season in A2 Women.

Marina Spega and Nicoleta Makrydaki – who both compete as central players – have agreed to stay in the team.

They also renewed Stella Fovaki, Stella Koutala (diagonal) and Stelina Papadaki (central).

In addition to the renewals, Neos OPE Rethymno continues its transfers, announcing 18-year-old Georgia Grigoriadis, helping the team’s work in A2 women from the position of passer.

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