Damoklis with 5 triathletes in the Xifos Cup

Damoklis with 5 triathletes in the Xifos Cup
Damoklis with 5 triathletes in the Xifos Cup

CORFU. KAS Damoklis was present at OAKA, at the start of the new season with the participation of three athletes and two athletes under the age of 17, in the Sword Exercises cup. His presence was good and the placements of the children, who look forward to its continuation with optimism. After all, it was the first match after the summer and along the way they have enough to achieve even more and realize their goals. The Association informed about the participations:

The press release

“This year’s competitive year started auspiciously with the U17 Youth Practice Fencing Cup, on Sunday 18/9, in the fencing hall of O.A.K.A.

Having performed well, our sportsmen and women received the baptism of fire for this year and won very good positions in the 16th and 32nd.

In detail in the teenagers: Tsakunov Matvey 15th

Sgouros Avramis 25th

Nikolas Trivizas 32nd

Emilio Mallano 34th (newcomer in the category and very promising)

Eleonora Kavvada performed very well in Neanides.


Eleonora Kavvada 13th

Katerina Provata 38th

Congratulations to everybody.

Having laid the foundations for the new competitive year, we thank our athletes and the parents of the club for the supportive environment and their trust”.


The article is in Greek


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