The trial for the “staged” attacks outside his house in Dionysos begins today

The trial for the “staged” attacks outside his house in Dionysos begins today
The trial for the “staged” attacks outside his house in Dionysos begins today

The trial of Menios Fourthiotis for the “staged” attacks outside his home in Dionysusin April 2021. In addition to the TV presenter, who was even remanded in custody for this particular case, three more people will sit on the bench, two of whom are in prison, under temporary detention.

According to resolution no. 2230/2022 of the Athens Criminal Council, which revealed the “Issue” at the end of last August, Menios Fourthiotis and his three co-accused will be tried for series of felonies and misdemeanors. Among other things, the accused TV presenter is facing the offenses of serial and consecutive moral turpitude in distinguished possession and carrying of weapons, moral turpitude in explosion and carrying of weapons, attempted extortion, false complaint, etc.

The referring court accepts that the attacks that the presenter had reported as having taken place at his house in Dionysos, were staged from the same. His purpose was to convince the police authorities that he was “vulnerable target” and to obtain the reinstatement of his police custody, which had ceased.

As for the three co-accused of the TV presenter, the two of them, according to the will, for a fee offered to them by Menios Fourthiotis, accepted to play the main “protagonists” in…. melodrama he had set up to present himself as alleged victim of cruel thugs who threatened his life and carried out the attacks on his house. For this reason, on occasion, the two co-accused of Menios Fourthiotis, are referred to be tried for the following crimes: Attempted serial murder, complicity in attempted murder, distinguished case of possession of a weapon and carrying a weapon together, continuous use of a weapon, supply, manufacture and possession of an explosive device, aggravated battery, unlawful possession of a weapon, drug law violation.

In the multi-page court document, all the acts that send the TV presenter and his co-accused to the bench are recorded in detail. Specifically, the will mentions about Menios Fourthiotis that from the end of February 2021 until his arrest on April 28 of the same year, “offered a fee” to two of his three co-accused, in order for them to “commit the felonies of the distinguished case of firearms carrying and possession of firearms jointly and consecutively and the explosions with the use of explosives from which a danger to a person may arise”.

In fact, it is about the two attacks that took place outside the house of M. Fourthiotis, one on April 16 and the other on April 23, 2021, which the TV presenter himself had denounced. The first alleged attack on April 16 was with the use of Kalashnikovs by two of the three co-accused of the TV presenter and the second on April 23 with the use and explosion improvised explosive device. For the judges, Menios Fourthiotis is the moral perpetrator of these attacks and his co-accused the physical perpetrators.

I took them to the police

After the …attacks, Menios Fourthiotis appealed, according to the will, to the police authorities to report them, claiming, “knowingly falsely” that unknown “they wanted to cause damage to his property and his health, or even his death.” But, according to the judges “the truth he knew is that he is the moral author of these acts” and he did so “in order to convince the relevant management that he is a vulnerable target and to succeed in restoring his custody”.
In addition, he attempted to “commit the crime of extortion” so that “to achieve the intended purpose, i.e. to be considered by the competent authority as a vulnerable target and to be granted again the custody of his person and his home which the competent authority had already stopped”. In fact, he put a lot of pressure on the police “with constant and repeated false lawsuits and extrajudicial charges”.

The attack on the police

Furthermore, for two of the three co-accused of the presenter, who are still in temporary custody, the will states that they committed the crime of attempted murder. The specific charge concerns the armed attack launched on April 16, 2021 against its police officers, on Theseos Avenue.

Specifically, the said two defendants while riding a motorcycle, which did not even have a license plate, “they did not stop at a police signal from the DIAS team, but developed speed” with the apparent aim of avoiding control. A chase ensued, during which one of the accused (passenger on the motorcycle) took out of a bag he was carrying a Kalashnikov and fired at least four times at the three police officers. Finally, the third of the presenter’s co-accused was charged with drug possession.

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