Consecration at the Vergi – Agora Educational Complex

Consecration at the Vergi – Agora Educational Complex
Consecration at the Vergi – Agora Educational Complex

As every year, this year as well with the start of the new academic year, the Vergi Educational Complex held a consecration which was performed by the Most Reverend Archimandrite Fr. Joakim Stamatopoulos.

The Director of Studies of the Educational Complex, Ms. Vergi Katerina, wished everyone: “A new training and educational year begins with the best infrastructure, with the sole goal of vocational training of young people, while in parallel with the Special programs we carry out, we pursue lifelong education in all branches of scientists, professionals and entrepreneurs. Since 1960 in the field of education, every year we aim at new needs and requirements, while we invest in important growing sectors for Greece and Europe, such as tourism, health, know-how, culture, etc.

I.IEK VERGI again this year, with recognition from foreign Educational Institutions and Educational Bodies with recognized scientific collaborations in Greece and Abroad (Bedfordshire University, University of Nicosia, Cyprus Naval Academy, Intercollege) provides modern study specialties.

Culinary, Nursing, Management, Tourism and Aesthetics students will work as part of Erasmus+ Internships in Portugal, England, Italy, Spain and Germany and others will continue their studies to obtain a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Befordshire in England on an exclusive cooperation with IEK in Greece.

This year’s program of the IEK of Western Greece, which provides State & European Degrees, includes, apart from the curriculum, foreign language and IT courses and professional certifications for the students and enriched valuable educational activities and visits and collaborations with institutions and companies

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