The “Popular Mobilization of Paros” for the Naoussa marina

The “Popular Mobilization of Paros” for the Naoussa marina
The “Popular Mobilization of Paros” for the Naoussa marina

The press release of the People’s Rally of Paros began with the title, “the great descent”.

The press release in detail:

“Even the (non-existent) sidewalks of Paros are laughing, with the Mayor’s phrase “Light in everything. Abundant light everywhere”, as if after what was revealed about the marina of Naoussa, and if he wanted, he could put things under the carpet.

But remember that:

1. The information discovered by the financial department of the municipality was made known to him on 6/9 and he did not forward the case immediately to the prosecutor, until 19/9, the day of the council and after the completion of a relevant file by the services.

2. The mayor did not take the initiative to bring the municipal council together, which we did.

3. At the meeting on September 7, in his presence, an attempt was made to prevent the officials from proceeding with the investigation of the case.

4. In the same meeting, he described as an additional offer of the duties of the guards, the eventual collection of “harbor tax” from them!

5. The mayor admitted that he knows that “some” are obstructing the issuance of the marina license and for so many years he accepts it without doing anything!

The attempt of M. Kovaios to “exit” the frame of responsibility, while he is its central person failed miserably.

His policy for years regarding the management of the marina is the one that has been the hotbed for the production of phenomena of opacity and remula in the management of municipal money and their eventual appropriation for the same benefit.

The marina does not have a license and therefore cannot collect berthing fees. On the other hand, to provide water and electricity, the damaged pillars had to work. The result is now known.

Whoever wanted paid, whoever wanted collected, whoever wanted took water and as the former deputy mayor said “they preferred us, they came from other islands too”!!! All this, of course, according to the Mayor, in the name of municipal revenues! When in the name of his vote-hunting pursuits, with his blessings:

 Controlled parking has been operating for over a year

 Arbitrary occupation of common areas is huge with loss of municipal revenue

 Turns a blind eye to businesses that operate even on sidewalks

With these and these we arrived at the municipal council on September 19th, where the municipal majority voted almost entirely for the proposals of the People’s Rally. Specifically:

 To conduct a judicial investigation of the case

 To recall the employee who was assigned to the marina and return to her duties in the Municipality

 To resume the operation of the port outpost in Naoussa

 To revoke the contract with the private security company due to exceeding its terms

 To post relevant signs that mooring is prohibited, the approach of boats is to be done at their own risk, without water and electricity supplies from the municipality.

 To make a representation of the municipal authority to the competent ministry in order to resolve the issue of the operating license

 To revoke the no. 400/2021 of the decision of the Financial Committee regarding the water and electricity fees of the marina (13-12).

If all that they accepted is not the admission of the failed policy that

it’s been eight years, what is it?”

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