36,146 new cases and 111 deaths in the last week

36,146 new cases and 111 deaths in the last week
36,146 new cases and 111 deaths in the last week

The local community of Ephyra and the whole of Ilia are shocked by the rapid developments surrounding the tragic death of a 68-year-old businessman inside his home.

Their brother was the last one last Monday night who reportedly saw his brother dead on the floor with five wounds to the head, which were later found to have been caused by a sharp object.

According to the autopsy, the victim had 5 wounds from a stabbing and cutting instrument, composing a scene of a crime of incredible brutality, while the official cause of death is listed as head and neck injuries. Following this, the possibility of suicide was formally ruled out.

There are no signs of a break-in or robbery
Unraveling the entanglement of the brutal murder, the evidence that comes to light is shocking and raises questions about the reasons someone might have had to cut the thread of the 68-year-old’s life.

The fact that there are no signs of a break-in at the house leads the Police to conclude that the motive for the murder was not robbery since no money or other valuable items were taken from the house.

According to information from the “Patris”, of the 40 total wounds that the victim suffered all over the head, at least half were obvious, while based on the findings so far, there are no signs of a struggle except for some small marks on the hands, which shows that the 68-year-old probably to be surprised by the attack he received.

The combination of the above leads the authorities to search for other motives for the murder, which from the first moment focused on people in his immediate environment.

Attempt to mislead the Police
The Police, since last Monday evening, have collected several testimonies and statements of people from the family – and not only – environment of the victim, including his brother who found him dead together with his son and his wife, in order to report what they know about the case, since neither the object from which the 68-year-old’s death allegedly came was found in the house or in the surrounding area of ​​the plot.

During the process, in fact, two of the many who testified according to information from the eff. “Patris” fell into contradictions about the circumstances of the 68-year-old’s death, and that is why the investigation of the case and the identification of the perpetrator or perpetrators is considered a matter of time.

He lived peacefully without disturbing anyone
The news of the death of the 68-year-old caused a shock in the society of Ephyra, since as they pointed out in the newspaper “Patris”, residents of the area, the deceased lived a quiet life without disturbing anyone, having chosen in recent years to live more alone, but this does not mean that he was not sociable or that he had broken with one of his fellow villagers over business, financial or other reasons.

For the last 20 years, the 68-year-old had returned to Ilia from Sweden where he lived and worked and lived in the house near the olive mill. He had been married in the past, but divorced while he had three siblings.

Recently, he had some health problems, which had affected him psychologically, but he dealt with them with medication, trying to live his daily life as smoothly as possible.

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