An idea for Liolio

An idea for Liolio
An idea for Liolio

There are some personalities that leave you with something, a void with their absence.

Although I have a contrary perception and have a relative “allergy” to life presidents with Liolio I had other concerns. For the world to learn, to love itself, loving its mental and physical health. That’s what we were talking about.

Several of these concerns have been confirmed over time. But what always drew me to our conversations was the positive aura you exuded even in the moments when objectively there were difficulties. With that characteristically disarming smile of hers.
But I will never forget her teaching us how to walk through our city with the now famous Pink the City, but also her tireless effort to pass on her creative energy to her fellow travelers. We have to give her credit for that.

This is how we arrive at today’s Angeliki Stefanaki who has deservedly succeeded her.

For this reason and trying to be useful, I would like this well-known Pink the City, in our city, now to call it “a walk for Liolio”, recognizing that it is a national initiative from Alma Zois, I make this proposal at the local level, because I believe that the example of Liolios should not be allowed to fade over time.

Thus, we simply recognize and honor her collective memory.

*Gerasimos Fessian is PASOK Achaia’s Communications Officer, former vice-prefect and regional councilor

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