R. Hatziyannoglou: We give them the best we have

R. Hatziyannoglou: We give them the best we have
R. Hatziyannoglou: We give them the best we have

In the developments about the under establishment Department of Psychology Didymoteicho continues to focus the Ebroscope in the Radio Evros. Yesterday’s statements on the show of the Vice-Chancellor of the Democritus University of Thrace Foti Mari (see HERE) caused reactions, with the mayor of Didymoteicho Romylos Hatzigiannoglou to give his own answers for the developments that seem to be constantly delaying the establishment of the Department.

Everyone is right – We are stuck on procedures

The Democritus University of Thrace is right on its part because it wants to be correct and responsible towards its students. The government has its rights because it says we must all agree together, because I am the government and I must look at you all with the same eye. The Municipality on the other hand is right because it is giving the best it has at the moment and is ready to discuss any other proposal“, claimed the mayor of Didymoteicho, Romylos Hatzigiannoglou. “The procedural is what sticks with us right now“, he concluded, noting that since May nothing has changed regarding the government’s commitment to legislate the establishment of the Department of Psychology.

The establishment is a matter of days

Our update from the Government regarding the Department of Psychology is that the matter is progressing and a Presidential Decree will be issued. It’s a matter of days“, answered Mr. Hatzigiannoglou regarding the possible obstacles and delays observed in the issuance of a legislative act, in order to establish the Department of Psychology in Didymoteicho, making the city the 5th seat of the D.P.Th. The mayor of Didymoteicho made a review of the last two years, arguing that “there is no stagnation“, on the contrary, all the necessary actions were taken in order for the Municipality of Didymoteicho to allocate space as a temporary roof for the Department.

“The 3rd Primary School is the best solution. If they don’t want it, we can allocate an area for them to set up pre-fabs”

“Whatever proposal we make, there will be reactions. But we will not stop the evolution and development“said Mr. Hatzigiannoglou, arguing that the most indicative, most appropriate solution is the 3rd Primary School. “We are not stuck on the issue of housing. There are currently departments of the University in Komotini that operate in small, narrow prefab structures. When we provide a school that meets all the conditions and none of those involved objected to it, we cannot say that there is a housing problem. At a time when there are already departments in Demokritios that operate in prefab constructions. We provide a ready school”. The mayor then emphasized the permanent facilities, for which the procedures have started and are progressing in preparation for the start of work in the Workers’ Housing area. “The bottom line is that the permanent solution has already been agreed and the procedures are moving forward“, noted Mr. Hatzigiannoglou, emphasizing that “everything looks normal“, that is to start the operation of the Department in the 3rd Primary for a few years until the permanent facilities are made, for which everything has been set in motion.

Insisting that there is no question of temporary housing, since the disposition of the 3rd Primary School is given by the Municipality, Mr. Hatzigiannoglou submitted a new proposal to the public debate as an alternative solution, that of prefabricated construction. “If we search the history, I don’t think there are many cases where the discussion about the establishment of a department started and in two years we already have it. The time delay is reasonable because everything has to be done right“, write down. “I wish every university that opens a department would give it a ready-made functional school” he emphasized, but also proposing the solution that the Municipality allocates some of its land on which the Democriteion can place a pre-existing functional space, as a temporary roof, a proposal which – as he said – had been submitted in the past.

In two years, a school in Didymoteicho will definitely be closed

Mr. Hatzigiannoglou strongly supported the opinion that in a few years a school in Didymoteicho will definitely be closed. “According to our statistics, in 3 or 4 years a primary school will be closed. Today we have empty classrooms in schools“, he said, noting that the children of the 3rd Primary School will be transferred to other functioning schools, thus strengthening their spiritual potential.

Let’s all take a step back to move forward

At the end, Mr. Hatzigiannoglou declared a mood of self-criticism:We are trying to reach perfection while we can immediately, for the first years when temporary solutions are needed, take a step back each of us, so that tomorrow the Department of Psychology will be in the Twin Walls and functioning. We cannot give the best we have, the school in operation, and that be a problem. Our one step back is to find and allocate an area for pre-fabrication“. At the end, he did not fail to express his thanks to Democritus and the Rectorate, because “it is not easy today with the bureaucracy required, within two years you have reached the point of waiting for a presidential decree. This only happens when we all want it. And really, the government and Democritus and the Municipality want the 5th seat, which is why we have come to discuss the last details“.

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