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The imperialist conflict is escalating – Let Greece disengage from the dangerous EuroNATO plans here and now!

The imperialist conflict is escalating – Let Greece disengage from the dangerous EuroNATO plans here and now!
The imperialist conflict is escalating – Let Greece disengage from the dangerous EuroNATO plans here and now!

The imperialist conflict is escalating. Let Greece disengage from the dangerous Euro-NATO plans here and now! This is emphasized in his announcement Press Office of the Central Committee of the KKE for Putin’s speech.


“The dangerous escalation of the imperialist war, which is being waged in Ukraine between the forces of Euro-Atlantism and capitalist Russia, is heading for a new disastrous escalation. It is confirmed that the accumulation of military forces and war material by both sides does not lead to the end of the war, on the contrary it feeds the vicious cycle of continuing and intensifying the conflict.

The US, NATO and the EU have in recent months provided unprecedented politico-military and financial support to the reactionary Zelenskyi government, with the aim of overturning the balance of power on the battlefields, which now stretch 1,300 kilometers long. Modern military systems, military advisers, mercenaries and the reserves of the war warehouses of the NATO countries were generously given to continue and escalate the war, which is not being waged for the “freedom” and the right of “self-determination” of the people of Ukraine in the choice of allies, as they preach, but for the interests of the Western monopolies.

On the other hand, the Russian leadership, which proceeded with the unacceptable and reprehensible military invasion of Ukraine, seeing its targets moving away, is taking additional measures. Putin’s speech on 9/21 foresees the start of the process of annexing 20% ​​of Ukraine’s territory to Russia, which will be carried out both by political means, such as referendums, which have been set in these areas, and by military, such as the legalization of paramilitary “volunteer” units, the “partial mobilization” of 300 thousand reservists, as well as the threat of using nuclear weapons. The Russian leadership, in order to hide the goals of its own monopolies, once again invokes the so-called de-Nazification of Ukraine, the “self-determination” of the Russian-speaking populations and adds to this the risk of Russia’s disintegration in the event of a military defeat.

The Greek people, like all peoples, need to reject the false pretenses used by both sides and target the real causes of the imperialist war, which concern the distribution of mineral wealth, energy, land and labor force, pipelines and freight networks, geopolitical footholds, market shares. For these the bourgeois classes and their imperialist alliances clash.

The ND government and the other Euro-Atlantic parties in our country, such as SYRIZA and PASOK-KINAL, have heavy responsibilities for Greece’s involvement in the war: For the exploitation of the country’s military bases and infrastructure for the needs of the imperialist war and the other plans of NATO and the USA. For the expansion of the NATO alliance with new countries, which they jointly voted for last week, for the shipment of weapon systems, ammunition, etc.

This involvement casts a “heavy shadow” on the future of our people, which becomes a target of Russian retaliation, thus involved in the “meat machine” of an unjust war, conducted for foreign interests.

We now require:

– Immediately stop Greece’s participation and involvement in the imperialist war in Ukraine.

– To close now all NATO and US military bases in our country that are used as war bases. The Greek lands, infrastructures and means should stop being military – war footbridges.

– No Greek military corps to be sent to Ukraine, to countries bordering it or to other imperialist missions. No enlisted, officer or non-commissioned officer outside the border. Stop sending war supplies and equipment from Greece.

– To lift Greece’s sanctions against Russia, within the framework of EU guidelines, which also have major economic effects on the Greek people.

– We strengthen the fight for the country’s release from the imperialist alliances of NATO and the EU, with the host people in our country”.

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