Bad weather: Worsening in the next few hours

Bad weather: Worsening in the next few hours
Bad weather: Worsening in the next few hours

Worsening is expected to be presented by weather today, Wednesday (21/9) mainly at central, eastern and northern sections of the country where they will take place local rains and sporadic thunderstorms.

At the same time, according to the prognostic data of the National Observatory of Athens /, drop the temperature will registermainly in east and southerly.

The more significant rainfall are expected in Eastern Thessalyat Chalcidicein Central Solidin Euboeaat Sporades and to Eastern Peloponnese. The expected episode is Class 1 in terms of meteo’s Regional Precipitation Index (RPI).

From late Wednesday night and overnight into Thursday the phenomena at Chalcidiceat Thessalyat Sporadesin Euboea and in parts of it You’re solid they will intensify.

LIVE the course of the bad weather

When is the weather good?

The weather is expected to be extremely autumnal, both today and on Thursday and Friday, according to Clearchos Marousakis.

In Atticait will be cloudy from the morning and towards the afternoon and evening hours there will be rain in almost the entire prefecture, while the mercury will not exceed 26 degrees Celsius at noon.

At Thessaloniki, rains are expected that will intensify from noon onwards, while they will be stronger in areas that are wet by Thermaikos. The temperature will not exceed 21 degrees Celsius.

However, an improvement is expected over the weekend with the mercury returning to normal values ​​for the season, as noted by the well-known meteorologist.

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