The “Lamia Expo” in PEL starts on Friday 23/9

The “Lamia Expo” in PEL starts on Friday 23/9
The “Lamia Expo” in PEL starts on Friday 23/9

LAMIA EXPO is the most important exhibition in central Greece and beyond.

It is a general exhibition with many entries from a wide professional spectrum.
It is a pole of attraction for domestic business tourism.

At the LAMIA EXPO exhibition, cultural, informational, culinary events etc. are held, all in specially designed spaces for both men and women as well as children.

It gathers audiences from a wide age range (10-75) due to the events held at the LAMIA EXPO Exhibition.

The LAMIA EXPO Exhibition is a big event which is expected to leave the best impressions on professionals & public of Central Greece and beyond.

Stavento concert in Lamia on Friday, September 23

On Friday 23 September at 22:00 at the Panhellenic Lamia Exhibition we will enjoy Stavento as part of the Lamia Expo.

He will be accompanied by Ioli Pentara.

Stavento intends to rock us with new and old hits in a concert that will raise our adrenaline!

Presale & Availability of Tickets at Park Square in Lamia and at the entrance of PEL.

Ticket Price: €14

Presale: €12

We are waiting for you for an unforgettable evening!

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