Patras: A neighborhood is crying out for free space – What the president of the association says to “P” about the mobilization

Patras: A neighborhood is crying out for free space – What the president of the association says to “P” about the mobilization
Patras: A neighborhood is crying out for free space – What the president of the association says to “P” about the mobilization

The president of the Cultural Association, Nikos Konstantinidis, described Anthoupoli as a neighborhood that has not seen the projects it expected. The area is characterized by dense construction and narrow streets, as a result of which residents are looking for exits.

A first-class opportunity to acquire a recreational area imagines in their minds, the spot enclosed by the First Cemetery, the schools and the Police Station. Seeing that the local association has not started the renovation work for two years since the purchase of the plot for over 500.00 euros, the decision was made to mobilize a claim.

However, from the side of the Municipality, many questions are being expressed regarding the movement of the Association since it was recently informed that the works will proceed immediately. In addition, the Municipal Authority is leaving “spontaneous” about the reasons for the mobilization that they may be incited by opposition factions that want to serve pre-election purposes. After all, this was also expressed in the announcement of the Municipality which said: “The late interest of some factions of the opposition in the neighborhoods is at least hypocritical. The micro-politics and pre-election exploitation of the issues is obvious. During this period, when many projects are underway in our Municipality and the people of Patras see them, they see everything “black”, because they don’t want anything to be done in the city”.

The president of the Cultural Association of Anthoupoli, Nikos Konstantinidis, who is organizing Sunday’s mobilization for the square in front of the cemetery, speaking to “P” explains that he did not intend to cause political conflicts, but to carry out the project, as for two years there have been no developments.


“Our neighborhood is abandoned. Only some minor asphalting has been done. Our neighborhood is tired of the space between the schools and the cemetery. It is only used for parking and the project has not progressed,” said Mr. Konstantinidis and continued:

“With our mobilization, we don’t want to accuse the mayor of something. On the contrary, we have supported whenever we have been asked in protests and actions. However, the neighborhood is pushing us and we have to do it. We as an association accept all parties. But don’t tell me that I blamed the mayor, we just want it to become a recreation area. Mr. Peletidis had told me personally that the site would be built immediately two years ago when the plot was purchased, but still nothing happened. For two years now we have only seen dust and received complaints from schools and shops.”


The reasonable question that arose from the conversation with the president of the Anthoupolis Association was whether he had been in contact with the municipal services during this time, and he answered: “On the 16th of the month, the deputy mayor, Michalis Anastasiou, came and told me that they would start the project soon. In particular, he told me the phrase “it’s a matter of days”. I hope, Anthoupoli is the gateway to Patras and the schools that are housed next to the recreation area that we want to be formed accommodate 905 children!”.


The leader of the “Nea Patra” faction, Nikos Nikolopoulos, also intervened in the matter, who is asking for a Sports Park to be created in the neighborhood. In particular, the experienced politician stated that he had submitted a question to the mayor about the utilization of the space since last year, but he never received an answer.

“Unfortunately, in our city, the communist Peletidis authority has chosen to leave to chance the public common areas or green lungs like Dasyllio” emphasizes Mr. Nikolopoulos and concludes: “As a municipal faction, we immediately propose that the Municipality proceed with the creation of an open gymnasium for young and old in the area. A modern sports park with certified fitness equipment, with lights and tree planting in the area, so that the residents of the area can enjoy the outdoor sports facility, as in other municipalities”.

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