Western Macedonia is first in all of Greece in the number of trees / apple trees. Over 4 million!

More than four million apple trees are planted in our region.

The data we present from ELSTAT is from 2017.

Considering that intensive planting by farmers has continued in recent years, the numbers are certainly much higher. It is worthy of scientific research as to how all this positive development in the agricultural sector of Western Macedonia came about.

The picture we have shows that it is not central planning of the state or local government…

A clear picture that gives us The table belows, is that our region has more new modern densely planted crops, just like in the more developed countries of Europe. The 4 million plants are grown on 19,946 acres. You can see the comparison with other regions of the country.

www.kozani.tv, www.ptolemaida.tv and Omikron magazine, will try in the next period to present important data for the region, either positive or negative, through ELSTAT data. in order to get the best possible picture of our country at a time when de-lignitization is literally turning everything upside down.

Tsartsianidis Panagiotis


The article is in Greek


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