Crime in Ilia: He was killed by “his own man” at the olive mill

Crime in Ilia: He was killed by “his own man” at the olive mill
Crime in Ilia: He was killed by “his own man” at the olive mill

It was shortly after midnight on Monday when the Police received a call about a dead man in a house next to an olive mill in the Ephyra area of ​​the Municipality of Ilia, Prefecture of Ilia. An EKAV ambulance and an ELAS patrol car from Amaliada immediately rushed to the scene.

They found a man lying dead in one of the rooms of the house, with five blows on the head, one of which, as was proved by the post-mortem of the medical examiner after a short time, was fatal to his life.

Dead was 67-year-old Babis Anagnostopoulos, who lived in this house together with his older brother, Angelos, who also called the Police when he found, as he said, his brother dead. The victim was retired and even received two pensions: One from Greece and one from Sweden, where he had worked as an architect for many years.

His brother, Angelos, because they lived together, was immediately called to give a statement to the Police, but until yesterday late at night, nothing tangible had emerged from the Security men. In other words, it had not been found who murdered the 67-year-old.

The victim’s nephew and son of his older brother, who owned the oil mill next to the house where he was found dead, was also called to testify.

The family has one more brother, the former deputy mayor of the Municipality of Ilida, Kostas Anagnostopoulos (head of the Agricultural Affairs Department of Western Greece and member of the DEEP Ilias of the NT), who stated: “Bambis was the best soul of the village, he supported people, he had never asked anyone for anything, after all, he had the financial means to live as well as our oldest brother, Angelos, who worked at the Tax Office, from where he retired. We are all devastated…”

In the room where Babis Anagnostopoulos was found dead, many traces of the crime and many blood stains were found. Everything indicates that the death was caused by blows with a sharp object, which, however, although ELAS men combed the area, had not been found until last night.

The experienced officers reasonably speculate that it is a long stick with a hole, with which the attacker managed to hit the 67-year-old’s head five times.

Until late last night, Amaliada Security and the local Police continued the investigations at every level. The police officers of Amaliada visited the facilities from the first moment, while yesterday morning the medical examiner Andreas Gotsis arrived from Patras, who found that the victim suffered five blows to the head from a blunt instrument.

Already, relatives, friends and associates of the two brothers have been examined by the Police to determine if (and with whom) the victim had differences that could lead to the homicide.

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