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At the disposal of the beneficiaries is the digital platform that concerns the granting of income support to families, of at least 2 people, who live continuously in mountainous and disadvantaged areas of the prefecture of Larissa and the whole country for a period of at least two years.

The digital platform https://oreina.epidomata.gov.gr, for the submission of this year’s applications, will be open until October 30 for the submission of applications for the year 2022.

The citizen can complete the process of submitting his request electronically and in a short period of time, with the TAXIS codes.

Then, through interoperability and with respect to personal data, automatic checks and cross-checks of the applicant’s data will be carried out, while at the end of the process, the relevant notification will be sent to the interested party by email or SMS.

The electronic process also takes into account those of the citizens who for whatever reason are not familiar with digital platforms.

They will be able to turn to the KEP of Larissa, where accredited employees undertake to handle the entire process on their behalf until the final filing and the relevant response.

In the context of the digital application, citizens whose application for 2021 has been approved, will be invited – through automated email and sms notifications – to proceed, within the above time period, either by entering the application’s electronic address, or through KEP, to complete and update, in the pending application for the year 2022, the additional necessary data for the automatic crossings (TC, etc.) and then store them so that the necessary automatic checks can be performed.

After the electronic cross-checking of the data by AADE, they may – if required – be asked to fill in additional information in the application, information which is necessary for the automated electronic checks to be carried out. Then, in any case, they should proceed to finalize their application so that it is considered in force for the year 2022.

The amount of the aid is 600 euros per year if the applicant’s family income per year does not exceed 3,000 euros, or 300 euros per year if the family income per year is between 3,000.01 and 4,700 euros.


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