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How long do penalties “freeze”, how to register

How long do penalties “freeze”, how to register
How long do penalties “freeze”, how to register

In a riddle it turns out that personal physicianas the venture presents some problems.

As the Minister of Health admitted yesterday, there are problems in the citizen registration process.

So, while the deadline for non-subscribers to pay increased membership was getting closer and closer, the Minister of Health, Thanos Pleurisannounced that it has “frozen”, at least until everyone can sign up.

What is going to be in place before the problems:

Specifically, the following was foreseen:

“Those not registered with a personal physician, from 1/10/2022 they will have an additional participation in the pharmaceutical expenditure by a percentage of 10%, in addition to their participation percentage determined on a case-by-case basis. Also, they will have additional participation in laboratory and diagnostic tests and procedures, in hospitalizations in private clinics and in other benefits, at a rate of 10%, in addition to their participation rate determined on a case-by-case basis.

No disincentives will be applied yet

However, as explained by Mr. Pleuris, the disincentives will not be applied, as long as the citizen is not able to register without inconvenience to the personal doctor:

“Indeed, we need more doctors because we need the citizen to have more alternatives, but also in Attica, for example, or in some other regions, at the moment the coverage of the population is not what is desired. In all other regions we have a coverage of around 75%, so we can register 1.5 million citizens, except for some islands. In Attica the coverage is indeed smaller. The registration period never stops, it’s just that from October 1st there would be the application of incentives and disincentives. We have said that as long as there is no possibility for the citizen to register without inconvenience to the personal doctor, it is not going to happen apply disincentives, instead the incentives will be applied. That is, those who register will have priority in their appointments, they will also get the free package of preventive examinations, but the disincentive of increased participation will obviously only be applied when the adequacy of the doctors will be such that the citizen will be able to register”.

According to him, however, the incentives will start to be applied normally.


Those who register will have priority from 1/1/2023, when planning their regular outpatient visits in public secondary and tertiary health care units.

How to register with Personal Doctor

The citizen registers with a personal doctor in two ways:

through the personal doctor registration platform (, where entry is made with the taxisnet codes and AMKA of the citizen
in person at a P.F.Y health structure or to a personal physician, bringing with him, his AMKA and for simple demonstration, an identification document (e.g. Identity Card) or a photocopy.

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