Thessaloniki: Life sentence for the 50-year-old who murdered his wife with 23 stab wounds

Thessaloniki: Life sentence for the 50-year-old who murdered his wife with 23 stab wounds
Thessaloniki: Life sentence for the 50-year-old who murdered his wife with 23 stab wounds

Guilty of manslaughter in a calm state of mind was found by the Mixed Jury Court of Thessalonikithe man who in November 2021 murdered his 48-year-old wife with 23 stab wounds, inside their home in Polichni, Thessaloniki.

The 50-year-old, who did not appear in court and was tried in absentia, was sentenced to life imprisonment for manslaughter and a further three years for illegal carrying and use of weapons.

The brutal murder that happened in November 2021, in the area of ​​Polichni in Thessaloniki, had shocked the whole of Greece after the body of the unfortunate Tamara was found in the bedroom of her house and had a total of 23 stab wounds to her lifeless body. The perpetrator, originally from Armenia, after killing his wife, washed his hands of the blood and headed to the White Tower Security Department. He coldly told the police that he murdered his wife in his apartment on Pontou Street and gave them the address and the floor to locate her.

The same later he claimed to be suffering from psychiatric problemswhile today he did not join the court and was tried in absentia.

He killed her for “sticking out her tongue” – The son’s testimony

In the room of the Mixed Jury Court, he testified this morning son of the 48-year-old woman, who declared a civil lawsuit. Speaking of his father, described a particularly violent manwho was facing a psychological problem and had to be hospitalized twice.

The family was facing financial problems and there were fights between the coupley. The 50-year-old, as the witness testified, often beat his mother as well as himself, and characterized him as a man of the night who always wanted to pass his own and did business in the dark.

“My mom was afraid of divorce. She had told her that “if you ever leave I will find you and if I don’t find you harm will come to your people“. My father was a very violent man. We felt that we were in danger. Whatever my father was, I never imagined it would end up like this,” the couple’s son said. “My father was originally from Armenia, he grew up there. He worked night jobs, he was a man who stole, he was getting into troubles, he has been imprisoned in Armenia. He lived at night,” he said.

Speaking with special emotion about his mother, he mentioned that every day she woke up at 7 in the morning to go to work and came home at 5 in the afternoon. “As soon as she came home, she would cook, clean and make sure that everything was as it should be and the finances of the house. I never remember her going for even a walk in the center. My father did not want us to have relationships with other people, not even with relatives. When we were to host my grandmother, he kicked her out. His brother is like him, maybe worse. He lives in Armenia,” the witness testified.

As he then said, two weeks before the brutal murder, there had been tension at home between the couple and it was not the first time. Speaking about the violence his father inflicted on them, the son said that at the age of 15 he came forward to protect his mother who was being kicked and punched by the 50-year-old. “Then he grabbed me by the throat and threw me hard on the bed, causing the legs of the bed to break.”

Regarding the fateful day, he mentioned that there was a pleasant atmosphere in the house and that the 50-year-old had shown him the knife, but not threatening. “Armenians have knives and he showed it to me as something traditional“, he said, noting that he noticed it was very sharp.

The couple’s son learned that his mother had been murdered when he left home and went to work. Since then, he testified, he met his father once and when he asked him why he did this, he replied “because he stuck out his tongue at meAt another point in his testimony he said that his father believed that his mother was his property and that once he was informed of the tragic event he could not believe that his mother was dead.

The police officer’s statement

The policeman who was called to the couple’s apartment and found the unfortunate woman brutally murdered also testified in the hall of the Mixed Jury Court of Thessaloniki.

As the witness said, at 9:30 p.m., after the 50-year-old went to Aristotelous Police Station and declared that he had killed his wife, the police then went to the apartment to find out what the situation was. As soon as they got to the first floor, they rang the bell, but he didn’t answer the door. Due to the emergency situation and the danger to human life, the police officers broke the door to enter the interior.

“The woman was located in the bedroom area, sitting in a pool of blood, without a pulse. In the living room area, on the sofa, there was a hunting knife in the case. The neighbors we asked told us that they did not hear a fight. the place was tidy and there was light in the rooms of the apartment,” testified the police witness

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