New year, new educational programs for the Folklore Museum of Komotini – Observer of Thrace | Observer of Thrace

New year, new educational programs for the Folklore Museum of Komotini – Observer of Thrace | Observer of Thrace
New year, new educational programs for the Folklore Museum of Komotini – Observer of Thrace | Observer of Thrace

New activities are being prepared at the Museum, bringing the public even closer to it

The presence of the icon of Panagia Axion Estin in Komotini boosted the attendance

The Folklore Museum of Komotini wants to continue the dynamic course it had last winter, which will soon start its new educational programs for students from Kindergarten to High School, after a summer in which it saw visitors from abroad and Greece .

The icon of the Virgin of Axion Estin increased the number of visitors

As the museologist of Mr. Kelly Gogou pointed out, the visitation this summer moved at approximately the same levels as last year, even though the volunteers from several countries, who came to the museum through programs implemented by System &G in collaboration, gave life to the museum with DKEPPAK, who visited the museum and carried out voluntary work and cleaning in it, with the volunteers from Tunisia even holding a celebration of getting to know their customs.

At the same time, they had visits from KDAP, with the children getting to know the museum, but also visitors from Europe, Turkey, and even Morocco.

Visits to the Museum saw an increase during the days of the stay of the icon of the Virgin of Axion Estin in Komotini, with many pilgrims from all over Northern Greece also stopping by the Museum, to get to know its collection as well as a piece of Komotini’s history.

Educational programs continue

All this gives them strength to continue in the winter as well, noted Mrs. Gogu, who emphasized that with the start of the schools, three different programs begin, for Kindergartens, Elementary and Middle-High Schools, as they did last year, when they had was enthusiastically received by the students.

This year the programs will be different, because they want to renew their actions every year, keeping the children’s interest alive, and they will inform the schools to start their visits.

“The programs were embraced not only by the schools of Komotini, but also by the entire Rhodopes,” said Mrs. Gogou, with visits from various settlements, from Iasmos to Organi.

They are always open to visits, as part of excursions, from schools outside the prefecture, but also to the realization of programs with Higher Education, if a Department so wishes.

In addition to the programs, there will also be events and actions within the Museum, as was done last year, bringing the public of Komotini closer to it, and spreading knowledge about the museum further.

The Museum’s collection is constantly being strengthened

It is worth noting that the Museum continues to accept donations of various kinds for its exhibition, some of which find their way into the museum premises.

After all, work is constantly being done on this so that the exhibition is more open and more accessible to the public that visits it.

Some items, of course, that can be used for this purpose, are used for educational programs, giving children the opportunity to get closer to the museum, but also to the past that it encloses within its walls.

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