“He said he killed her because she stuck out her tongue,” says the 48-year-old’s son

“He said he killed her because she stuck out her tongue,” says the 48-year-old’s son
“He said he killed her because she stuck out her tongue,” says the 48-year-old’s son

The brutal crime involving 48-year-old Tamara, who was stabbed to death by her husband, is being revived in the courtroom today.

In his room Mixed Jury Court of Thessaloniki revives the shocking femicide of 48-year-old Tamara by her 50-year-old husband in Polichni, Thessaloniki in November 2021.

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In the woman’s body, found in the bedroom of their home, the medical examiner measured 23 wounds by a knife. The brutal murder took place on November 28, with her husband claiming to suffer from psychiatric problems.

Today he did not attend court and will be tried in absentia.

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The couple’s son, who filed a civil suit, described in court the life of the family until the fateful day.

As he said, his father was particularly violent. “We are originally from Armenia, and as my father used to say, ‘some things were solved by hand,'” he said.

He added that his father does suffer from psychiatric problems and has been hospitalized and receiving treatment.

“There were fights with mom. We were struggling financially and my father, although he didn’t work, wanted to make his own and help his brother. He was hitting me and mom too. He could work but he didn’t want to,” he added.

The witness spoke with emotion about his mother, a woman who, he said, worked to support the whole family.

“Because he stuck out his tongue at me”

Referring to the fateful day, he said that there was a pleasant atmosphere in the house.

“We even had music on. At one point he brought and showed me the knife, but not threateningly. Armenians have knives and he showed it to me as something traditional. The good mood did not spoil. But I noticed it was very sharp,” he noted.

The witness said he later went to work and learned about the crime from the police. “Until I got home I thought he just hit her,” she said.

“I have seen him once since then. I asked him why. He told me ‘because he stuck out his tongue at me,'” the witness added, describing other tense episodes at home. “He thought my mother was his property,” he concluded.

Mine continues with the examination of the remaining witnesses.

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