“Israelis love Greece” – “Hymns” for the islands and Paros from Israel

“Israelis love Greece” – “Hymns” for the islands and Paros from Israel
“Israelis love Greece” – “Hymns” for the islands and Paros from Israel

A journalist for a popular Israeli website describes his experiences from his visit to the island

Under the title “Culinary Adventures in Greece: Paros Tasting” the journalist Buzzy Gordon which was hosted by the Municipality on the island describes in the Israeli Media “Y Net News” his experiences from his visit and notes: “Israelis love Greece, for its proximity, friendliness, beaches, music, shopping, history – and, of course, its cuisine. This article – the first of a two-part series – focuses on a visit to her island Take it and its many attractions. Many of the Aegean islands belong to the group known as the Cyclades, and one in particular is becoming more familiar to Israelis: Paros. This neighbor of the slightly larger Naxos is conveniently located just three hours from the Athenian port of Piraeus by direct speedboat or less than an hour by plane.’

The article describes the island highlighting its ability to meet every need whether it concerns large families or couples. Special mention is made of the hotels and restaurants of the island that offered their hospitality to the journalist, who in a particularly clever way highlights the local gastronomy, without omitting descriptions of Panagia Ekatontapyliani and the possibilities that the island provides for visits to attractions and sea ​​activities.

ynetnews.com is considered one of the largest and most popular news sites in Israel with 500,000 readers worldwide.

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The article is in Greek


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